Why Wired Internet Service Is Hard To Get in Rural Areas

Working from home can be challenging enough. But for people who live rurally, even reliable internet can be hard to come by. This is why wired internet service is hard to get in rural areas. 

The Providers Won’t Dig

A direct cable line to your home must come from the service provider. For people who live within city limits, this isn’t too much of a problem most of the time. However, if you live in more rural area, you might be denied service. This is because in order to install your service, the provider will have to dig a trench to your residence from the spot where the line ends. This costs the provider money, so you may have to hold on to that outdoor ethernet cable for another day. 

DSL Isn’t Great

In the ’90s, DSL (digital subscriber line) was all the rage. It was a step up for most people, who had lived through the days of dial-up internet; DSL was extremely fast in comparison. However, it offers nowhere near the speeds of today’s services, so if you want to run modern technology in your home, you’ll have trouble doing it with the limited bandwidth of DSL. 

Satellite Is More Unreliable

We all know the story with satellite internet: most of it is monopolized, and the bandwidth is terrible. Having remote service is nice, but how nice can it be if it hardly ever works? And to add to the problems, any time the weather is overcast or rainy, your internet service will be inoperable. Satellite internet can also cost about three times more than standard internet. However, sometimes it is the only available solution, and nowadays, thankfully, there are providers that can offer speeds that rival ground-based internet services. If you're living rurally, you can check out more at www.bestsatelliteoptions.com and see which providers are available in your area. 

Mobile Hot Spots Cost More  

There was a time when you could tether your devices to computers and other electronics throughout your home for free. Then, cell phone companies decided to make a profit off it and started charging, and those charges were sky high. Therefore, it’s rare that you encounter anyone using mobile hot spots. 

With the demand for internet as high as it is and all the other options being subpar, you can see now why having a direct internet connection to your home in the country would be ideal. The only problem is that many providers aren’t willing to make that happen due to cost and labor. Therefore, unfortunately, wired internet service is hard to get in rural areas.