The Benefits of Using GPS on the Golf Course

While it may seem relaxing, golf is notoriously one of the most frustrating games, so taking a shortcut to lower your score might keep your face from turning red. No, we’re not telling you to only make hole-in-ones or take an endless number of mulligans. We’re talking about the benefits of using GPS on the golf course. 

Alerts You to Troubled Areas

We often rely on GPS to reach our destination if we are unfamiliar with the territory. Ideally, the GPS does its job, and you arrive without hitches. This same notion holds true on the golf course, considering unfamiliar areas could be dangerous. 

While some hazards may seem obvious on the golf course, others are more covert. Several areas of the course could be extremely murky, leaving you and your cart stuck in the mud. However, you can program golf cart GPS systems to alert you of trouble ahead so you can shift directions. The technology can even shut down the cart if you’re approaching a danger zone. 

It Helps Keep the Pace Up

Golf is a game that will test your patience. It is challenging to overcome your frustrations when you hit a few bad shots, but it can wear on you even more if you have to wait 10 minutes between every shot. 

Using GPS technology can help speed up the pace of play for everyone on the course. There’s no need to drive towards the hole to estimate the distance from your ball to the pin when the GPS accurately informs you of the yardage you have left. 

Know Which Club To Use

Once you know the distance from where you stand to the hole, you will know the exact club you want to pull from your bag. Using GPS and a subsequent rangefinder app lets you store data from each shot you take with that club. 

Learning that you consistently hit a ball 170 yards with a 7-iron makes a decision easy when you are approximately 172 yards away. This knowledge keeps you from taking too much club and sailing the green or not having enough club and coming up short. 

Knowledge Is Power 

You may want to get your first eagle or crush your longest drive when you tee up at the course. However, it’s challenging to accomplish these goals with just GPS alone. Use a golf simulator to get prepared before you step foot on the course.

The beauty of playing on a golf simulator is that it gives you loads of information about your swing. Data about how hard you hit it, where you strike the ball on the clubface, and how much spin the ball has come off the club. But more importantly, a simulator is precise as possible.

You may not be able to see how hard the ball comes off your club when you’re on a course, but having information—like the distance—in your back pocket can elevate your game. 

Next time you hit the course, you should take advantage of the benefits of using GPS on the golf course. This innovative technology isn’t only for assuring golf course owners that no one will drive into a water hazard like Michael Scott in The Office, but also for the players to improve their score by having all the information they need before taking a rip.