Improving Your Network Connection With an Ethernet Cable

People do a lot online these days. Shopping, talking to friends, and doing work all require a reliable signal to ensure you don’t experience interruptions. In short, it’s hard to get things done with a poor connection. Use these tips for improving your network connection with an Ethernet cable.

Reduced Network Latency

When broadcasting audio and video over the internet, latency plays an essential role in the overall quality of the signal. Video calls, sharing data, and streaming depend on a reliable network signal to ensure information travels quickly and without errors. Acceptable latency for video streaming should be around 5 seconds for best results. Ethernet is the perfect way to reduce network latency for streaming and live broadcasts.

Physical Connection

A physical connection can significantly improve the signal for devices that support it. Most laptops, desktops, routers, and gaming consoles support an Ethernet connection, giving them a reliable signal that won’t cut out due to obstructions.

This is especially important if you enjoy online gaming, as having a signal that can handle the heavy network traffic in real time is essential. Finding the best Ethernet cable for gaming can take some work, but it’s well worth it for the uninterrupted experience. 

More Secure

Nothing beats the added security that Ethernet cables offer. For some people and businesses, Ethernet is an essential defense against malicious actors. While people from outside networks can hack Wi-Fi, a malicious actor must gain physical access to network equipment attached to Ethernet. 

Plus, physical barriers or objects don’t disrupt Ethernet since the signal remains inside the cable. Finding the best location for your Ethernet cable will ensure it’s accessible. You’ll also want to get properly rated materials capable of withstanding the elements for outdoor installations. But with these considerations, an Ethernet connection is among the most secure.

Make Your Network Work for You

A poorly designed network can be a hassle. Rather than just throwing things together, you should take some time to consider the architecture. After all, slow loading times, disconnects, and poor signals can ruin the online experience. Improving your network connection with an Ethernet cable will allow you to get more done without compromising your data.