Tips for Maintaining Your Two-Way Radio Battery

No matter what type of device you’re using, the battery inside will degrade over time. This is inevitable for all types of batteries and devices. Two-way radios are no different; however, maintaining your two-way radio battery can prolong its life and prevent premature degradation. Whether you’re using these radios for business or personal use, you can refer to the tips below to ensure your radio battery remains in excellent condition for as long as possible.

Only Charge the Battery When It’s Fully Discharged

Placing a battery that isn’t fully discharged on the charger will only degrade the component faster. The best practice is to wait until the battery is fully discharged before placing it on the charger. We recommend this because it conditions the battery to degrade at a slower rate. If you use two-way radios for business, remind employees never to place them on the charger after each workday unless the battery is full discharged.

Take the Battery Out When It’s Not in Use

Do you have a two-way radio that you only use on occasion? Leaving the battery inside the radio for days or an extended period of time will cause additional drain. When you know you won’t use the device for some time, take the battery out to avoid losing a charge.

Charge New Batteries Overnight

When you start to notice signs that you need to replace your two-way radio battery, you’re ready to purchase and condition a new one. After you receive your new battery, you should charge it overnight. This practice is called initializing and helps the battery obtain maximum capacity. Do not take this new battery off the charger until after the light turns green.

Don’t Use the Charger as a Radio Stand

It will be tempting to throw your two-way radio back on the charger for storage because it seems convenient, but doing so actually harms the battery. Continuously charging the battery when it might not need it will shorten and reduce its cycle life. Remember to only place the radio on the charger when it’s fully discharged; otherwise, leave it in another safe place, off the charger.

Store in Well-Ventilated, Cool, and Dry Places

How you store your two-way radio battery makes a difference in how well you can maintain the component. Improper storage will shorten the lifespan or damage the component. For example, leaving the radio in a humid room with little to no ventilation will cause damage. Leave your radios in a well-ventilated, cool, and dry place.

The way you maintain and treat your two-way radio batteries will make a difference in how long they last you. Follow our guide above to ensure your radio batteries are in top condition.