5 Best Headphones To Use For Amazing Music Experience

We all like to listen to music. Some like to listen to music with speakers and some with earphones. But the pleasure of listening to music with headphones comes from nothing else. Headphones of many companies are available in the market according to different features. But everything that is found in the market is not good at all. Here, we gave details about 5 best headphones that will give you an amazing experience of listening to music.

Sony WH-1000XM3

This is the best noise cancellation headphone made by SONY. It is quite an expensive headphone which will cost you around USD350. But quality matters, right? If we talk about its design, it looks very beautiful and cool. It is a very lightweight headphone which is quite comfortable to wear. You can also adjust its size according to your head size and its soft cushion will give you the complete joy of your music.

The sound quality and audio processing features of this headphone are very good as like a home theater. This headphone comes with digital noise cancellation, voice assistant feature, quick attention, fast charging, long battery life ( more than 1 week), touch controls and many more features.

You can connect it with your device using a ‘sony headphone connect app”. In this app, you will get all audio customization options and other useful options too. So, if you are planning to buy a headphone, you can buy this for an amazing music experience.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The Bose QC 35 II is the second version of Bose QC 35 which was launched in 2016. Its design is quite simple and it is also very lightweight which is about 234 grams. These headphones will make you feel comfortable wearing it because its padding has been made very soft and smooth which does not hurt your ears at all.

It comes with an advanced audio distribution profile ( A2DP ), audio/video remote control ( AVRCP ), hands-free profile, active noise cancellation, wireless feature and many more. It has an inbuilt Google Assistant feature installed. You can control it with a button on earcups.

If we talk about its performance, its active noise collection feature works quite well and its bass and treble are also very good. In addition, its sound quality is also very clear. The beautiful design, inbuilt Google Assistant and best audio performance are the main reasons to buy it. It will cost you around USD340 on Amazon.

JBL Tune 500BT

it is a wireless and pure bass headphone made by JBL. It is a very lightweight headphone which is about 320 grams, mainly plastic is used to make it, which is also very flexible and comfortable. This is compatible with audio player, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Talking about ear-cups, it is very smooth and soft and does not put any pressure on your ear. It fits very well on your head and ears, it will neither heat your ears nor cause you pain, no matter how long you use it. It supports Bluetooth connection and you can also connect it through the audio cable.

Its most special thing is that you can pair with two different devices at the same time. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a lot of features like the Active noise Cancellation, awesome microphone, and Volume Control. It will cost you around USD50. 

Sony MDR-1AM2

This headphone was launched in 2018. Plastic has been used mainly to make it, which gives it a very beautiful design. It will cost you around USD250 but you will get all the features according to its price. If we talk about the design of this headphone then it is very cool and beautiful in appearance. The finishing and design of its earcups are quite good. While using it, it will not hurt your ears at all and you can use it continuously for many hours without any hassle. It is very lightweight which is only 87 grams so that there will be no extra pressure on your head.

If we talk about its performance and features, then its active noise cancellation and bass feature work quite well. Also, its sound quality is quite clear and HD level. If you charge it fully once, it gives a battery backup of 15 to 16 hours. Also, if you connect it to the audio cable and listen to it at 50 to 55% volume, then it can comfortably give up to 20 hours of battery backup.

Oppo PM-3

The OPPO MP-3 is a very good combination of true noise isolation features, elegant design, good performance, and planar magnetic headphones.

It has a simple but premium-looking design. It is very comfortable and easy to use headphones. It supports wireless connection but you can also connect with an audio cable that is already included in its package. Its synthetic earpads will give the full joy of your music. Wearing this headphone will not fell you warm or pain on your ears. Its earpads are made with plastic and metal which gives it an extra strongness. Its paddings are very soft and comfortable.

If we talk about its features it has noise isolation feature and audio quality is quite good. It has an audio configuration option by which you can customize it according to your needs. It is an expensive headphone which will cost you around USD400. 


You can buy any of these headphones if the budget is not a problem and you want to enjoy true music experience. If you're using any other brand's headphones, then share your experience with us in the comments below.