The Future of ITSM: Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence

That AI or Artificial Intelligence helps only in personal applications is a myth. The fact is that AI has begun to penetrate government and corporate networks as well. Companies have started integrating AI with all their systems. This being the case, there is no wonder that IT Service Management or ITSM tools companies are also contemplating to integrate and use AI in their systems. Especially, those companies that are always on the look-out for the latest technologies for improving their performance and operations are almost on the verge of implementing their decision. 

Experts point out that AI can bring about phenomenal improvements in three important areas of companies that are offering IT management services. Let us now discuss about how AI can positively impact these areas.

Point of Entry

AI's impact over this area in companies that offer IT service management solutions can be immense. To elaborate this further, let us assume that some information has to be fed into a system for having appropriate solutions for a particular situation. AI will be able to ensure the accuracy of interpretation of the information before it is fed into the system.

Similarly, with the help of chatbots that use AI technology, companies can get their automated ITSM solutions interpret requests as well as incidents more accurately. Of course, as AI technology evolves further, it will help in improving and personalizing the end-user experience. It will also improve the efficiency of the solutions provided by the IT management service providers.

Despite the efficacy of AI in improving these solutions, there may be some ITSM organizations that may still stick with their human analysts. Nonetheless, in future, the same companies may have to opt for AI-driven and sophisticated chatbots. Of course, there will be less governance by humans then.

Automated Back-end Processes

Back-end processes are another area in which AI can play a major role. It is at the back-end, requests or issues that are fed into the systems are processed. In companies that still stick with traditional ways, these details are fed into the system either by analysts or by end-users themselves who are aware of the methodology of using a self-service platform. But once a company opts for ITSM solutions and get them integrated with all the other systems that are also on the same network, it will be possible for detecting and automatically opening requests or incidents without the need for deploying employees for this purpose. This being the case, AI used on an ITSM system will certainly be more powerful especially when it is integrated with the technologies on the same network. 

For example, if a company starts using AI on its ITSM system and if they integrate this solution with an IT operations analytics (ITOA) system, it can help in getting notifications of potential issues that may affect the network.

An AI-technology-powered ITSM software will be able to study the patterns and learn to update its knowledge base and database. This will vastly improve its ways of reacting and solving issues. Simply put, AI will remember the past experiences and learn to study the patterns. This means that companies can work on further integration to derive the best benefits of their AI-powered ITSM solutions.

Knowledge Management

AI-powered ITSM solutions will have the benefit of having infinite knowledge and hence, these solutions can be put to use for improving end-user experience. This means that analysts and end-users will be able to get answers for their IT questions, can get the appropriate training, and very importantly, can have tips, suggestions, and tricks they require.

To summarize, AI technology helps ITSM solutions learn and also access infinite amounts of information and data from its knowledge base and database. ITSM will start learning by studying the patterns that are prevalent in organizations. This will help the ITSM systems solve issues more efficiently. Since these ITSM solutions will be better equipped with more knowledge, more accurate answers to queries and questions will be available. Of course, till integration of AI with ITSM is perfected, the need for human inputs for getting knowledge solutions will continue to be there.

How can you get ready to derive the fullest benefits of an AI powered ITSM?

1. Practice developing and maintaining a mindset that is curious to learn new things. This is the real beginning of any learning process. 

2. Research avidly and train your mind suitably for developing new ideas on a constant basis.

3. While developing new ideas for putting in place an AI-powered ITSM, you may face hiccups initially. Remember that every mis-step will help you learn faster. This means that you can gain some knowledge at every step. Of course, you should be ready to rectify the deficiencies you find along your way.

4. Be smart while setting your goal and timeline for having AI-powered ITSM system ready. 

5. "Continually build on what you have built" is the sage advice experts give. This means that you should always look to better your system so you can constantly keep improving the experience your end-users may be having. You should not lose sight of the fact that end-users are starved for providers of the best client experience. So, you have to act fast for implementing your idea of putting in place an AI-powered ITSM.

Remember that once you put in place such an AI-powered system and start using the most appropriate ITSM tools, you can be certain that you will stand apart from your competition. 

To put it in a nutshell, AI is certainly a disruptive force to reckon with. ITSM systems can be vastly improved if they are empowered with AI. One of the best ways to expand your knowledge about AI and how it can be integrated with your ITSM is to interact with thought leaders in the field and get their guidance.