4 Music Streaming Apps You Should Try

Music is an integral part of our life. Through music, we overcome our mental and physical exhaustion. Nowadays, when doing day-to-day activities or when we're at work, we all like to listen to music. Luckily, there are now many apps and websites where you can listen to high-quality music, and if you want to see your favorite artist live you can do so by easily buying tickets online for events such as Bad Bunny Concert. If you're however someone that is just happy to put your earphones in and listen to music from an app, here we're going to share the best music streaming apps on which you can listen to your favorite songs.

Spotify (iOS, Android: Free)

Good For

  • Free version available
  • High-quality audio
  • Easy to use interface
  • Playlist system

Not Good For

  • No audio customization system
  • No lyrics system
  • Some songs are not available

With Spotify, you can easily browse and listen from millions of tracks and podcast episodes. You can use it on your phone, computer or tablet from anywhere. This application is available on Apple Store, Google Play and Microsoft store.

With Spotify, you can use your single account on any of your devices, like mobile, computer, tablets, cars, Xbox, etc. You can control your player on a device from another device as- you can control your web player on your computer from  Spotify application on your smartphone.

Spotify has a big library of more than 50 million songs, audiobooks, and other content.  So, you can find your favorite songs on Spotify very easily. On Spotify, you can also create your own playlist of your favorite songs. The advantage of creating a playlist is when you play a playlist then you don't have to play songs manually, it will play one by one automatically. It also creates an automatic library of your favorite songs, albums, artists.

Tidal (Android, iOS: $9.99/month)

Good For

  • Sound quality
  • User interface
  • HD videos
  • Easy to use functions

Not Good For

  • Not free
  • Search is not so good
  • Some songs are not available

Tidal is a high-quality music streaming app that was launched in 2014. It is not free but offers a free trial of 30 days that you can cancel anytime. Tidal also offers you watch music videos. It has a library of more than 60 million music tracks and 250,000+ videos. It has also offline features so, you can also download your favorite songs and listen to it anytime without an internet connection.

It has an amazing web player that something looks like Spotify. You can download it from the Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store. It creates a personalized mix of your listened songs that gives you more enjoyment of listening to your favorite songs.

When it comes to watching music videos, you can see it first on Tidal in HD quality.

SoundCloud (Android, iOS: Free)

Good For

  • Available for free
  • User can own upload music and podcasts
  • User can track report
  • User can search by category of tracks, albums, or artists

Not Good For

  • Some songs, tags and music albums are not available
  • Some spammy tracks are also available

Sound cloud is an absolutely free music streaming service provider and it also offers a Pro version to get some extra features. You can start listening by just creating a free account using your email or social accounts. You can use it on your PC, Android, and iPhone. It is not available for Windows phone users.

On Soundcloud, you can also upload your own songs, podcasts (It is the main reason for spammy music). You can also follow your favorite artists or a station to get updates from them. You can track reports for your uploads, likes, listening to music and more.

Its search feature is great. You can search by category of tracks, albums, and artists or in all categories. The library system of Soundcloud is awesome where you can find songs according to your likes, Playlists, Albums, Stations, Following or History. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs or albums.

Apple Music (Android, iOS: Free)

Good For

  • Free trial of 3 months
  • HD music quality
  • Various subscription plans
  • Awesome music library

Not Good For

  • The user interface is not good

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming service that was released in 2015. Currently, it is used by more than 50 million users. From its name, it seems like it is only available to Apple users while it is not true at all. It is available to all platforms for free and allows 3 months trial. After 3 months you have to subscribe to its paid version.

On Apple Music, you can listen to internet radio stations, create playlists of your favorite songs, and albums. You can get more customization options than others on it. You can connect your social accounts where you follow your favorite artists and bands. By doing this you can get more personalized songs and playlists.

It has a big music library where you can find songs by songs, albums, artists, and genres. You can also download your favorite songs to listen to them offline.


These were the best music streaming apps where you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs. Some of these are free and some are paid, you can choose according to your need and budget.