Top 5 Technology Gadgets You Want to Use

This is the era of technology. In today's era, everyone wants to use the best technology gadgets that are available in the market. Good and cool gadgets increase our productivity and make our life easy. Here we are going to share about 5 such cool technology gadgets that are very helpful for you and will definitely a must-try for gadget lovers.

DJI Spark Drone

This is a small colorful smart flying drone that you can fly on your hand and can control easily with your hands. It is so small that it can easily land on your palm. This smart drone also has a high-quality camera which is equipped with face detection features. So it becomes easier to control with your hands. You can control it by connecting it to your smartphone and also with DJI glasses. This smart flying drone easily senses all the obstacles in its path while flying and changes its path. If you turn on its tracking feature, it starts running with you and there is no need to control it at all.

Evo Camera

Nowadays, we need a camera everywhere, if the camera is of HD quality then it is very good. This device is such a mobile cover, which also includes a camera that you can remove from the cover of your phone and paste it anywhere. You can easily stick it with wood, iron, rubber, plastic or anything else. So if you want to record something that you cannot cover with a phone in your hand, then this camera can be quite useful for you. You can easily connect this camera to your phone via wifi and can easily control the recording from your phone itself.

The Apple Watch Series 5

The best feature of this watch is an always-on display. Along with this, its other features like an inbuilt compass and 32 GB storage make it unique and special. If we talk about its design, it is very sleek and beautiful. It has its screen on the upper side, buttons on sidebars, and it has sensors like a heartbeat monitor on the below side.

There are two variants of this watch - 40mm and 44mm. Both variants come with two feature options which are Only GPS feature and GPS+ Cellular feature. With this watch, you can also make calls when you don’t have your phone. If you forget your phone at home or any other place you can easily make a call with it using the same number. To make a call you can use Bluetooth speakers or its inbuilt speakers. The display of this watch is always in on mode. When you do any work on it, the display is bright and it went dim when it is inactive. It gives the battery backup of 16+ hours which is very good. So, if you like smartwatches, it can be the best option for you.

Sony Extra Bass PortableSpeaker

It is a very beautiful speaker providing an HD audio quality made by the Sony company. By the way, it is very heavy in weight which is about 900 grams but it is equally beautiful to look at. Its body is made of rubber which is dustproof and waterproof as well. The LED light bulb mounted on its cross gives it a different look. This is an RGB light which means that you can change its color with the help of its app by yourself.

Inside it, you will find 2 audio drivers of 48mm which will provide you an extra bass. In addition, it also provides 3D sound effects. Its live mode enhances the sound considerably. With it, you can play many types of audio format. The frequency range of this speaker is between 20 to 20,000 Hz. It works on 2.4 GHz. It supports NFC and Bluetooth 2.0. Once you charge it fully, it will give you a 24-hour battery backup.

Mota Ring

Friends, you must have heard about the smartphone and smartwatch, but today we will tell you about a smart ring. This is a ring that you can easily wear on your finger. Not only its function but its design is also very high tech. When you wear it on your finger, it will give you a perfect look. Its surface is actually a screen that is exactly like a smartwatch. It connects with your smartphone and starts showing all the social media notifications on your smartphone on your screen. Not only this but also whenever a call comes on your phone, it starts vibrating and shows notifications. It has a replaceable battery, which means if its battery runs out, you can also replace it easily. The most important thing about this ring is that it runs with your fingerprint.


We have talked about 5 cool gadgets here. There are many other cool gadgets that you can use. Apart from all these, if you use any other special gadget, then do tell in the comment box.