7 Best Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Having a business that is friendly to the environment is becoming an essential characteristic of many organizations nowadays. Eco-friendly means that one is conscious of their interactions with the environment and, thus, intends to bring no harm to Mother Nature. From a recent survey, indications are that 55% of consumers are more willing to pay higher prices for goods and services from companies that have environmentally-friendly business practices. 

Therefore, encouraging the employees to be eco-friendly saves the environment and also boosts the reputation of the business, thereby increasing profits.

Tips to make your business eco-friendly

Outlined below are some of the simple ways one can implement to make their business more eco-friendly and also creates a big impression on conscious customers too.

1. Conserve Energy

It will be a bit challenging for the managers to educate the employees on turning-off their computers, laptops, printers, and any other electronic devices whenever they are not in use. In some devices, one may enable sleep mode so that they turn off automatically when not in use. It will not only encourage eco-friendly activities but will also save the business a lot of financial resources.

Also, one can buy energy-efficient electronics and appliances for the office, for example, compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights. This will significantly cut down on the amount of energy required to run the organization.

One can also choose to power their office with alternative energy which is generated from a renewable source. This may be wind or solar power, geothermal power, hydropower, and plant matter.

2. Use Post-consumer waste (PCW)

Avoiding the use of paper in an office may be a very tricky challenge. However, when one has to use paper, they should ensure they use eco-friendly PCW products like printing paper, packaging, toilet paper, and napkins, which are made from recycled materials. The PCW paper is made entirely from the paper placed in the recycle bins each day, and it’s manufactured using 45% less energy and water. The manufacturing process is, therefore, more eco-friendly than the traditional papermaking process. 

One should also aim to print as little as they can on the PCW paper. One way of avoiding too much print is by going paperless in the bills by exploring the option of sending invoices to clients via email or another electronic means, and also by using a digital record keeping. 

Recycle bins should be kept at every corner of the office to ensure all used papers are recycled effectively.

3. Using Biodegradable cleaners

One should strive to use natural biodegradable cleaning products that are available in bulk in many stores. These cleaners lessen the exposure to harsh toxins and other chemicals that are harmful to the personal health of the employees and also reduce the introduction of these harmful substances into the environment, ensuring an eco-friendly activity in a business.

4. Using greener appliances

In business, the old-outdated and unused or used appliances should be replaced with “Energy Star” appliances that have labels that help to assess their energy (and cash) requirements over time. 

5. Use Eco-friendly transportation

When every employee goes to work in their cars, there will be a lot of traffic congestion in the streets, resulting in high carbon emissions which harm the environment immensely. The employees should, therefore, be encouraged to use bicycles or walk to work. Taking advantage of public transit like commuter rails, subways, or buses, is another way to slash carbon footprints. In cases where the employees are brought to work or to the field by a company van, consideration should be made to invest in a hybrid or other high-efficiency vehicles to save money on gas and reduce carbon emissions. 

6. Embrace a remote work environment

With the advances in technological development, day to day business activities can be run even when employees are at their homes instead of the office. This spares the company a lot of wasted time in traffic jams and will also save the environment from the immense carbon pollutions. The managers should consider introducing eco-friendly work-from-home days within the busiest days of the week.

7. Opt for the green web hosting

Internet use puts a significant strain on the environment. Organizations should opt to use the green web hosting services that utilize renewable energy sources. There are various affordable web hosting solutions that are eco-friendly and will, therefore, assist a business in reducing its carbon footprints, thereby making the business more eco-friendly.


By following the above tips, one can be on the right track for making their business more eco-friendly, saving money, and attracting eco-friendly conscious consumers. This not only helps the climate, but also increases the productivity of employees, efficiency of the operations, cost of running the business, and also the image of the company brand.