How to Create a Perfect Email Marketing Strategy?

Do you know how perfect email marketing can increase your sales and business growth? More than 270 billion emails are sent every day. Nowadays every company whether small or big is doing email marketing. But, to fully take advantage of email marketing, you should also know how to do email marketing well. If you do not know how to do email marketing or you are just a beginner, then we are sharing all the important strategies of email marketing here for you. By implementing this you can run a successful email campaign.

Understanding Needs and Choosing Email Marketing Tools

The first step to starting an email marketing is understanding your needs and requirements. First of all, you decide how many subscribers you have to send, how many emails to send in a month total, whether to retargeting or not and all the other tasks you want to perform. After doing this select a proper email marketing tool that can fulfill your all needs. Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, etc are some famous email marketing platforms.

Identify Your Target Audience

In this step, you identify your target audience. If you target the right audience, you can get a 20 to 30% conversion rate easily. To identify your right audience you can do many things as you can create a social media poll, take online surveys, analyze the market, existing customer analysis, competition analysis, etc. On social media, you can easily know people's age, profession, likes & dislikes, and other personal details. So, taking the help of social media is a good choice because there are people from all categories.

Set Your Goals

After identifying your target audience, you should set up your goals. Before you start sending emails you have to decide what you want from your subscribers. Your every email has a specific purpose. you can define your goals as like - increasing your sales, increase your email subscriber lists, bring your subscribers for your webinar or seminar, for taking surveys, etc. You may set your one time, monthly, or annual goals. 

Build Your Email List

The targeted email list is the main thing in email marketing. But, do you know? more than 80% of your site visitors leave your site without subscribing to your newsletter. The best way to turn your site visitors into a subscriber is to show them a subscriber popup. You can use any service like- Optinmmonester, Mail option, Mailchimp to capture email from your visitors. You can also capture emails by surveys, giveaways, in exchange for free download and use many other methods. You can also get emails by running paid ads on Facebook, Google, or Instagram.

Create Email Sending and Followup Schedule

For better conversions, it is necessary for all the recipients to open the email as soon as possible. For this, you will have to send the email at a time when more and more people check email. And if someone does not open the email or does not visit the landing page after opening, then for that you will have to set a follow-up so that the person reads the email again and visits the landing page. For all of this, you have to set up the Email frequency, welcome email timing, retargeted email timing, etc. Keep in mind that you don't have to send too many emails otherwise, the user can block your email address or unsubscribe it.

Decide Which Types of Emails to Send

Until you know what kind of emails you have to send to your subscribers, you cannot gain anything from the subscriber. For this, it is very important for you to know about promotional emails, subscriber welcome email, purchase dropout emails, purchase confirmation email, retargeting emails and emails of all other types. Along with this, you should also know which email to send after which action of the user and what should be the purpose of that email.

Create High-quality Email Content

It is known by all that "Content is king". The same thing applies to email marketing as well. After reading your email, a user will come to your landing page or not, it is determined on how the content of your email is. For this, you have to pay attention to every part of your email. You have to optimize your email subject, heading, image, every paragraph very well. Also, you should use CTA in a good way. You can do it yourself or you can also hire expert copywriters.

Track Your Growth and Do Changes

Tracking and analyzing your growth and actions is very important for any business. The same thing you have to do in email marketing. In email marketing, you have to periodically check your growth, whether your strategy is working or not, where it is going right and where it is going wrong, and what should be changed. According to this report, you will also have to change your strategy from time to time.


If you implement all these strategies well then you will definitely benefit. Apart from this, you can make changes in your strategies according to your growth report. If you have any questions related to email marketing you can ask in comments. You can also share your advice in the comment section below.