Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

Who does not like to play games and if we play that game on the laptop then its fun is different. But we cannot use normal laptops to play every sort of game because the features and hardware of the normal laptops are limited. To play games effectively we need special gaming laptops that have features and hardware are designed to play games. By the way, there are many gaming laptops available in the market that you can buy, but when buying any laptop, you have to take care of some things. If you do not keep those things in mind then you may also face problems later. Here, we have told some such important things, keeping in mind that you can buy a good gaming laptop.

The right hardware (CPU+GPU)

For a good gaming laptop, it is necessary that its hardware is also of very good quality. In a gaming laptop, you must have a dedicated GPU. If you want to play games with integrated GPU, then it is not possible at all. Although some games still use CPU, in most games you will see GPU usage. AMD's Radeon RX 5500M, Nvidia GeForce GTX are some best GPUs for a gaming laptop.


RAM is the thing that is most responsible for the performance of a computer. For this, you should always prefer above 8GB RAM. And the new games that are coming in nowadays are running very hard on 8GB RAM because your threshold crosses 8GB very easily while playing them. So if you can afford 16GB of RAM, then it would be great. And if we talk about the processor then for a better gaming experience, you should always choose a processor above the i5 because if you choose a processor below it, your computer will hang up again and again.

Screen & Display

By the way, the companies that make gaming laptops take special care of the screen, such as its size and its resolution, but you should also check that if you are buying these laptops, then the screen should not be less than full HD, otherwise, you will not get the full fun of gaming at all. The laptops of 1920x1080px resolution are considered better for gaming if it is of more resolution then it would be better. 

Nowadays there are many such softwares which do not support the screen below 1080px. If your reservation is good, you will not have any problem even if the size of your screen is small. And, if we talk about screens then it should be 14 or 15 inches. Because if you have a big-screen laptop, then this will also consume more battery power so that you will face the problem of charging again and again.

Storage ( SSD or HDD )

And if we talk about storage then you should always consider SSD storage because, if you do not have SSD then no matter how good GPU or graphics card you use, your experience will not be good at all. Nowadays companies making gaming laptops also mostly use SSD. If you do not use SSD, then your game will run but its loading time and speed will be spoiled due to which the performance of your game may decrease. Generally, 500 GB SSD is considered good for gaming laptops but, if it is more then it is even better.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Inbuilt keyboard and touchpad are not very important in gaming laptops if you are playing games in a proper way, then you have to use external mouse and keyboard. But if you want to play your game with the laptop's inbuilt keyboard, then keep in mind that this keyboard should also be of good quality as it must have the Backlit feature which is visible even in the dark. Also, the design of this keyboard should be good so that you do not have any problem in pressing the key.


If we talk about audio, no matter how good the audio quality of the laptop speaker you buy, but you have to get a headphone for it. While playing the game, we enjoy listening to its sound a lot and if the sound quality is not good, then we will not get the full enjoyment of playing any good game. Because the size of the laptop is not very large, so no matter how many good speakers are placed in it, they are only of limited quality.

Battery Performance

Having a good battery backup is very important for a gaming laptop. Putting a gaming laptop in charge all the time that you can't play games. So, if your battery backup is less then you may have a problem playing the game. If you are traveling somewhere or have gone to someplace where you have forgotten to take Charger, then a good battery backup helps you a lot. Battery backup of a good gaming laptop is very important to have at least 8 to 10 hours.


These were some special tips that we shared here, which you should keep in mind when you buy any gaming laptop.  When buying a gaming laptop, many other things are kept in mind, such as the structure of its body, the metal in its body, its weight, etc.