FlexClip App: Effortlessly Create Videos for Social Networks

Surely, you will have seen in recent months a sharp increase in pages that share videos on Facebook. Since in 2018, the social network began to favor this type of content to the detriment of others such as links or images (let alone YouTube videos), companies have jumped on the bandwagon of videos, and each time we find more in our news feeds.

But, even if they are simple videos to create, at least for companies that have the necessary equipment and professionals, for the rest of us mortals, those who practice what I like to call Social Media DIY, it is still challenging. It also requires time that we do not have in our day to day, in addition to expensive and complicated equipment to obtain.

Luckily, some effortless tools can help us in this task, and that will allow us, relatively quickly and inexpensively, to create videos of this style. So we can share on our Facebook pages to increase the much-desired reach, the holy grail of social media managers right now on this social network.

We will recommend FlexClip, which is an online video maker that allows us to edit videos in a very simple way. By merely adding the fragments that we have previously recorded (it also allows you to do it with photos), it can be edited and downloaded in an intuitive interface. Besides, through a series of predefined templates, FlexClip will allow us to finish the videos in minutes. This, which could seem to give us a medley of scenes or photos placed one after the other, becomes, in this case, an interesting work. Because one of the FlexClip virtues is that it adapts all the transitions and effects to the music we have chosen, which gives the result a much more elaborate appearance than other similar applications. Especially remarkable is the result achieved with images (we already know what it costs to record videos on which occasions).

In addition, the music that it proposes to us in each of the templates, although they are not many, they do have a much higher quality than those that we can obtain, for example, from the YouTube music bank.

Of course, another of its strengths is the fact of being able to add text to the videos, something that, as I mentioned before, is the order of the day in any successful video on Facebook. FlexClip allows us to add it between scenes, as titles, or embedded within the video, as a subtitle. In this way, when combining images with explanatory texts, we will have a result very similar to that of these successful videos that we are so used to seeing.

And although we have to limit ourselves to a series of templates, all of them are customizable, as is the montage itself or the duration of the video. And all this with the advantages for many of being able to do everything from the Chrome browser. Because nowadays, although it is very pro to take the reflex and assemble all the recording equipment, we have mobile phones with very powerful cameras, which already give us an excellent quality of the recording. Going to a special event or place, recording video or taking photos, and then assembling everything with FlexClip does the work to create this type of content much easier and more effective.