Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch Out

The use of technology is increasing day by day, in which every work is becoming automated and the need for humans is decreasing. We take the help of technology in our daily life in most of our work. Technology will increase even more in the coming times but there are some areas in which technology is developing very fast. Here we have mentioned about five such technology trends that you will see.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays AI has become an important part of our daily life. It is one of the fastest-growing technology. We all are familiar with smart AI like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri, and we also use it. The main purpose of using AI is to automate works and do things with more accuracy. It also helps us in doing things which we cannot do alone. As we take the example of a robot. Now the work that robots can do easily is difficult for any ordinary person. We will see a large scale use of AI in the following areas in the coming days.

1.    Cloud Computing
2.    Data Analytics
3.    Manufacturing
4.    Cyber Security
5.    Automobile
6.    Medical science, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of AI. With the help of AI, we will able to do many things very easily as like - research, automation in various industries, security, and many dangerous jobs, etc. There are some disadvantages of AI as well. Like - it can be harmful to humans in the future, it can misuse our data, and it can also start a war with humans when it becomes more advanced.

Cyber Security

Do you know that every 1 second in the world, 11 new users are connected to the Internet, according to this, more than 1 million people are connecting to the Internet every day? Nowadays as the Internet is growing rapidly, crime on the Internet is also increasing rapidly. The crime on the Internet is called cybercrime and the system that has been developed to protect us from this crime is called cybersecurity system. The industry of cybersecurity is growing very fast, it will grow a lot in the coming days.

Cybersecurity protects your data from being stolen on the Internet and being used. Nowadays technology like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence is being used in cybersecurity. We will see the following cybersecurity trends in the coming days.

1.    Integrating security with data science
2.    Usage of machine learning in cybersecurity
3.    Development of security tools, etc.

Data Analytics

In today's world, every technology relies on data. whether it is computing, automation, AI or data science. In such a situation, the industry of data analytics is also becoming very large. Data analytics means acquiring data, processing it and extracting useful information from it. When we do data analytics well, we get to know what information is in the data and how we can use it. Based on the analytical reports, many big companies prepare their products and services and launch them in the market.

In the coming days, we will see these data analytics trends -

1.    Data privacy and security
2.    Language processing
3.    Automation
4.    Graph analysis
5.    IoT
6.    Predictions
7.    Ecommerce

Every big company in the world performs data analytics for its users and other people, based on this data, they also provide their products and services to the people. As the Ecommerce company offers you based on your data, the news website shows you the news based on your location. In the coming days, we will see data analytics usage on an even greater scale.


As technology is evolving, everything is becoming automated, the work we used to do before ourselves, today we do that work through machines and this makes our work easier and faster. Earlier, the work we used to do in 1 hour, today we can do it in 5 minutes or less with the help of an automatic machine.

The following are some of the industries that will be most affected by automation in the coming times.

1.    Manufacturing
2.    Data Science ( Data Analytics )
3.    Computing
4.    Research & Development

Due to the implementation of automation in the industry, there will be a lot of growth in the development of the work and the accuracy of the work will also increase. Due to the automation in the industry, people will also have to lose their jobs, which will also cause unemployment.

Quantum Computing

Personally, we like quantum computing very much. When the computer was invented long ago, its capacity and speed were very low. But gradually as technology progressed, its capacity and speed increased and today the computer has risen from one room to our palm. We will see quantum computing in the coming days.

Let us first understand what quantum computing is? Bits are used in today's computers. A bit is considered the smallest unit of storage in a computer system. The value of a bit can be either one at a time or maybe zero, but in a quantum computer, this will not happen. In quantum computers, qubits will be used instead of bits, and the biggest feature of cubits is that the value of a qubit can be both zero and one at a time.


These technologies will boom. Apart from all this, there are many technologies like - self-driving vehicles, e-com, data policing, etc which are growing rapidly. Let us know in the comment box which technology you use the most throughout the day.