2 of the Best Smart Locks in 2020 - Go Keyless!

With a smart lock at your door, you can manage all of that with an easy voice command or the tap of a button to unlock the door, offering you security, convenience, automation and peace of mind. But which smart lock option is right for your doors? In this post, we're going to review the best smart locks you can buy right now. We have chosen them based on our own opinion and hours of research, and we've listed them based on ease of use, features and price.

Ultra Lock U-Bolt Pro

The first product on our list is the Ultra Lock U-bolt Pro. This is our best value smart lock. If you're looking for a smart lock that balances function and solid features with price than the ultra lock U-bolt Pro is a great option that really stretches your dollar, currently priced at 170 dollars. The U-bolt Pro is a 6 in 1 keyless entry smart lock that lets you open and lock your door and six different ways for added convenience, making it one of the most versatile, smart locks available at a very attractive price.

You'll love the flexibility in the ways you can control your smart lock, including using the standard numeric keypad, which is great for assigning temporary codes that can also be time-based for guests, maids and service calls. The fingerprint scanner makes it really convenient and adds an extra level of security so no one can guess your numeric code. Probably the most simplest way is using the geofencing feature on the app that automatically locks and unlocks depending on whether your phone is in range or not.

It also works with Google Home and Alexa. So with a simple voice command, you'll be able to lock and unlock. You can also use a physical key in case of emergencies when there are power outages. This is next-level technology and for sure it will more beneficial in the upcoming time. 

Key features:

·         Battery:  Uses four double-A batteries and notifies you when they're low.
·         Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

·         Price: A great value price for the extensive feature set.
·         6 in 1:  Offer six separate ways to unlock your door, including key code, fingerprint and auto-unlock.
·         Smart integration: Works with Google Home, Alexa.

·         Installation: It's one of the trickier installs.

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for a smart lock with versatile options at an affordable price, the ultra lock you bolt pro is a great option. That hits the sweet spot of balancing function and solid features with a price to give you a bigger bang for your buck.

Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect

The second product on our list is the Nest X Yale lock with Nest Connect. This is our best smart lock for Google Nest if you're already in the Nest Ecosystem, including Nest Thermostat, Nest Security cameras and Nest Doorbell's, and looking for smart lock then the Nest X Yale lock with Nest Connect is the perfect choice for you.

Combining Yale lock reliability with Nest Internet of Things connectivity currently priced at 250 dollars, the Nest X Yale adds to the Nest family of smart home devices that you can control from anywhere. Using Nest's intuitive mobile app with an abundance of useful features including auto lock, one-touch walking and a timeline that tells you who is locked and unlocked the door and when, you'll love the convenience, especially if you have the nest cam, outdoor or a nest.

Hello doorbell that lets you see who's outside and you can lock or unlock the door using the same app. If you have a nest secure alarm system, the smart lock will also disarm it automatically. It also works seamlessly with Google Assistant so you can check the status of your door and lock or unlock it from anywhere. Hands-free with just your voice, but nothing beats the convenience of having it lock and unlock automatically with its auto-lock feature that knows when you’re home or away. Also check out How Technology is changing business with smart products.

Key Features:

·         Battery: Uses four double-A batteries and notifies you when they're low.
·         Connectivity: Bluetooth and wireless with provided Nest Connect.
·         Nest ecosystem: Works seamlessly with other nest home devices.

·         Logs: With logs for who unlocks and locked the door. You can always keep track of who's entering your home and when.
·         Easy lock:  With four ways of locking your door. You can be sure your home is secure even when you're away.

·         Exclusive for Google: No support for Amazon, Alexa or Apple Home Kit.

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for a smart lock for your Nest ecosystem, then the Nest eggs Yale lock with Nest Connect is the best choice for you with its seamless integration to other nest devices. And integration with Google Home Plus the reliable build quality of Yale locks.