Google Chrome vs Falkon Browser: Which is Better to Use?

Well, today we are going to know about one of the best and safest browsers to install and use on your devices.

We all use the web browser in our daily life to get information from the Internet. When you buy your phone you get some default browsers pre-installed in it. The most common is Google Chrome, but recently Falkon browser was also in the news, therefore, we gonna compare both so that you know which is the best browser that gonna keep your data totally safe and comes with useful options. So let's begin.

We will compare Google Chrome and Falkon browser here. Falkon browser comes with various features that are required in a smart browser but can it beat Chrome? In this article, we gonna discuss all its pros and cons, that gonna help you choose whether this browser is suitable for you or not.

We gonna discuss all the important points with a deep comparison with one of the best browser in the market so that we can deeply understand which is best.


Falkon is a lightweight browser and provides you with an easy way by which you can open some heavy website within a few seconds. It is based on Qupzilla and comes with the DuckDuckGo search engine. While in the case of Google Chrome it is based on the Chromium and has its own search engine i.e Google. But in reality, you can make Google Chrome faster and use it easily.

Ad Blocker

Both of the web browsers come with default ad blocker which provides you with a smooth experience while using the web browser. In addition, in Google Chrome you can log into your Google account and sync history, password and extension.

User Interface

Both the browsers have a decent user interface. But Google Chrome has a clean and clear user interface that provides a smooth user experience to its users.


You can use any extension that you want in the browser by simply clicking on add on the extension. But here Google Chrome came with its own search engine and provide some extra features as it comes with Java Script Engine V8.


Honestly speaking, Google Chrome has around 63% of the market share in web browsing. The main reason is that it comes from a very trusted organization Google LLC. In the case of the Falkon browser, no one uses it and it comes from Qupzilla which recently changes and renames itself as Falkon.

Auto Updates

Falkon lacks here and misses the auto-update option. If you want to have the latest version then you have to update it manually. While in the case of Google Chrome it comes with an auto-update option and ensures that their users always use the latest version.


Both the web browsers are totally safe and don't spy on your data. But Chrome leads here and provides an Incognito tab which doesn't save your history password or any other information that you enter on a particular website.

In addition Google Chrome has a lot more options that Falkon lacks so take a look at them.

In Chrome, you can use Multiple Accounts and it is also customizable by the user. It is totally a safe and secure browser. It came with an open-source search engine in which anyone can rank there websites and have a more user-friendly interface than Falkon.


Therefore, we have discussed all the major points in the above section. So, in our opinion, Google Chrome is the best browser and has a lot more features that Falkon. Now the choice is all yours.

We hope this article would have been helpful to you. If you still have any queries or doubts, then you can leave your comments below. Moreover, If you are already using Falkon or Chrome, then you can tell your experience to us. Our team would like to hear it from you. Also, if you are using any other browser which suits you best. You can also mention it in the comments. We will try to review it.