Gaming Mouse : The Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

If it is not always easy to choose a screen to play, a graphics card, or a keyboard worthy of the name, this is also the case with regard to mice. Our optical or laser sensor, DPI, Polling Rate, our guide lifts the veil on these terms and offers you the best selection of gaming mice of the moment!

Long gone are the days of trackball mice, with command ball in good French, and many gamers have not known this wonderful era and its games now belonging to the "retro" world! Needless to tell you, the video game sector has evolved alongside that of IT over the years, innovation as the main lever. It is not surprising that we find today more and more successful peripherals and configurations, as well-intended for amateurs and other players of Sunday as for professionals of eSports in search of the best possible performances.

Obviously, it would have been unreasonable to approach this selection of peripherals only with limited criteria. This is why we wanted to divide this selection into two: wired gamer mouse / wireless gamer mouse with, at the start of the article, elements of choice to answer the eternal question: should we opt for a wireless gamer mouse?

Finally, for clarity, the mice in our selection have been sorted by price in ascending order. You will, therefore, find for each of the two categories the least expensive mice first, to finish on mice that flirt with the very high end. The cheapest mice were selected for their quality / price ratio, while the high-end models were chosen for their excellent performance.

The Best Wired Gaming Mice :

1. Lexip NP93 Alpha


+ Accessible and very practical mini-stick

+ Very pleasant soft coating

+ Functional richness of the application

+ Absolutely remarkable glide


- Exclusively for right-handers

- Stick can be deactivated, but cannot be removed

Aware of the slightly high price of the PU94 Pro, Lexip introduces the NP93 Alpha, a mouse priced at less than 50 euros but which retains the main advantages of its previous model: mini-stick and ceramic pads.

The French manufacturer Lexip is not the first to offer a mouse with a mini-stick at the thumb. In 2020, it is, however, the only one to do so at such a low price and avoiding concessions as much as possible so that its NP93 Alpha has one of the best quality / price ratio of the moment.

Lexip NP93 Alpha: The mini-stick that makes the difference

Relatively heavy - around 145 grams - but adjustable (+3.5 g or +18.4 g), the NP93 Alpha is a mouse that could not be more classic. It is intended more for a grip with the palm ( palm grip ) or claw grip ( claw grip ) and its ergonomics are excellent.

It incorporates an ADNS-3050 optical sensor capable of climbing up to 12,000 points per inch which does not suffer from any criticism: precise, sensitive, it responds to the finger and the eye. No complaints either on the buttons (6, all programmable) with Omron contactors for optimal longevity. However, when we dwell on the location of the thumb, we note the presence of this famous mini-stick. It is at this level that the NP93 Alpha intends to stand out from the competition and in what way. Perfectly placed, very comfortable, this mini-stick allows all fantasies: "analog" operation for controlling an airplane / spacecraft or "digital" operation to have commands like "buttons" and change weapons, throw a grenade or reload for example.

If it necessarily requires a little time to adapt so that its control is most natural, this mini-stick is a real blessing. It considerably widens the range of possibilities and it is very difficult to do without it once you have mastered it. Perhaps a little loaded, the Lexip signed software interface of course allows you to configure all the functionality of the mouse, and this, in the smallest details. To not spoil anything, the sliding quality of this NP93 Alpha is exceptional. Lexip has indeed managed to integrate its famous ceramic pads - the Mo42 - so that the movement of the mouse is as smooth as possible.

Our opinion on the Lexip NP93 Alpha

Its wheel is a little basic and the software interface perfectible, but the Lexip NP93 Alpha remains a very interesting model which manages to innovate in a universe - that of gaming mice - little inclined to really decisive changes. The question of the mini-stick will undoubtedly divide the players, but this accessory multiplies the possibilities of a mouse which is also distinguished by its exceptional quality of gliding.

Finally, not to spoil anything, Lexip has managed to effectively contain the price of its NP93 Alpha. At less than 50 euros, given the new features / functionality it incorporates, it's really a great deal.

2. Corsair Ironclaw RGB


+ Ergonomics designed for large hands

+ Light despite its imposing size

+ Ultra-precise sensor

+ Programmable at will with iCUE


- Right-handed only

- Notched perfectible wheel

- No weight system

Announced at CES 2019 with the Harpoon RGB Wireless and the M65 RGB Elite (which you will find in our selection), the Ironclaw RGB is a wired gaming mouse that takes advantage of versatility and performance by placing itself with a price quite reasonable from 59.

Arriving on the market with the pretension of bringing together the best of the two worlds of FPS and MOBA mice, Corsair offers here a material that is both precise, handy and comfortable, which will adapt to most hands, but whose ergonomics have rather thought for big hands.

Ironclaw RGB: A mouse suitable for big hands

If the Ironclaw RGB can be completely manipulated regardless of the size of the hand, it must be said that only the grip in palm grip will be effective for those who do not have the hands of lumberjacks, unlike what can, therefore, let think of its name Ironclaw. For the latter, the Ironclaw RGB proves to be quite practical since they will easily manage to use it both in the palm and in claw grip. With its weight of 105 g, this mouse is rather to be placed in the category of medium weights, see heavy, and we may regret the lack of a weight system that would have allowed even greater versatility by reducing it by a few grams.

Despite everything, with its rounded back, the Ironclaw looks like a rather imposing mouse, but this particular shape brings impeccable comfort to use, especially since it shows very good handling with a more than adequate gliding sensation.

Like the M65 RGB Elite, the Ironclaw has an Omron switch and an ultra-precise optical sensor since it is the Pixart PMW3391 which we describe precisely in our paragraph dedicated to the M65. Widely modular with its 7 programmable buttons via the excellent iCUE software, the Ironclaw RGB also has three DPI profiles that can be changed on the fly,

If the Ironclaw suffers from a small defect, however, it is to be attributed to the notched wheel, it turns out to be too weak between each level and leaves a feeling of imprecision. In addition, for 10 more the M65 RGB Elite has additional advantages like its aluminum skeleton and its Sniper button, however, we will not find a tall form and comfort similar to the Ironclaw.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB: User review

For only €59, Corsair has managed to design a high-performance and above all very comfortable mouse, particularly for large hands. Versatile, it will be perfect for those looking for a mouse with dimensions a little larger than most current models, while remaining demanding on the handling as well as on the accuracy of the sensor. In short, a mouse that brings together very good arguments for gamers, with no big flaws.

3. Roccat Kova AIMO


+ Ambidextrous mouse

+ AIMO design and lighting

+ Intuitive Roccat Swarm software

+ Excellent handling


- No non-slip coating on the edges

- A "Titan 4D" wheel on the next?

Since its creation in 2007, the German company Roccat has managed to make a place of choice on the market for gaming peripherals, by relying in particular on the Roccat Team during major eSport events.

We could have chosen to include in our selection many other Roccat models than this Kova AIMO, the Roccat Kone AIMO for example could have been shown shamelessly given its quality even if it was launched 2 years ago. However, ambidextrous mice are not jostling on the market and it seemed important to us to offer our left-handed friends a high-performance gaming mouse, even if it is an entry-level.

Roccat Kova AIMO: Ambidextrous and versatile

A symmetrical mouse, as well usable by right-handers as by left-handers and offering very good performance in play with a versatile character, this is the bet that Roccat already made in 2015 with its first Kova model. If this new Kova AIMO does not come to revolutionize what has already been done, it still carries the advantage of being an ambidextrous mouse, which unfortunately remains quite rare in the universe of the gamer.

The change brought here is of course compatibility with the intelligent lighting system AIMO from Roccat, customizable at will via the intuitive Roccat Swarm software.

In terms of performance and functionality, there is the Pro-Optic R6 sensor (which is none other than a Pixart PMW3320DB) with a sensitivity that can reach 7000 DPI, a polling rate and a response time of 1000 Hz / 1ms, and supports accelerations of 20 G. Its versatility for different types of games comes mainly from its programmable buttons since it has no less than 11, a figure that can be doubled thanks to the "Easy-Shift [+] "which allows you to duplicate and assign an alternative command for each switch!

If it is, of course, possible to suspect the difficulty of using its 6 side buttons, the impeccable grip of the mouse whether in the palm, claw, or fingertip grip, ensures a good grip which facilitates their access without however click on it inadvertently during a slightly more intense game session.

If its RGB zones are much less "flashy" than those of the Kone AIMO or the Kone EMP, this Kova AIMO shows above all a much better handling thanks to its relatively lightweight of 99g. However, some may regret the absence of a non-slip coating on the edges, but those who are used to the mice of the brand know that they are rarely equipped, which does not detract very much from their quality once what.

Roccat Kova AIMO: User review

With its 11 commands and its very intuitive Roccat Swarm software, its precise "Titan 2D" wheel, and its impeccable handling, the Kova AIMO has a bright future ahead of it. Its sensor remains correct although it is not the most recent and will offer good performance in game with largely reactive monitoring.

In short, an ambidextrous wired mouse that has managed to combine ergonomics, performance and functionality, which is rare enough to be emphasized. The Kova AIMO is at the entry-level at Roccat and is, in our opinion, well worth its price of €59.

4. Corsair M65 RGB Elite


+ Surgical accuracy of the sensor

+ Exemplary finish

+ Soft price (for high-end)

+ Maneuverability

+ Wide possibility with iCUE


- Non-existent bundle

- Some bugs with iCUE

- No wireless

- No options for lift-off distance

With Razer, Corsair is perhaps one of the leading manufacturers of peripherals intended for gamers. After having made its ranges in the production of RAM, the American manufacturer also now has a solid reputation in particular thanks to its watercooling systems and its peripherals.

Based on the Vengeance M60 mouse which was very successful when it was released in 2012, this M65 RGB Elite does not revolutionize anything but is extremely efficient and is offered at an unbeatable price.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite: The ultimate FPS mouse

With its already highly proven design, Corsair did not take much risk with the release of this mouse in early 2019, accompanied by the Harpoon, as well as the Ironclaw RGB which you can find a little higher in our selection. The manufacturer has indeed here simply taken over the elements that made the success of the Vengeance M60 almost 10 years ago! At first glance nothing concrete really differentiates it from the M65 Pro released 3 years ago, still endowed with its weight system incorporated in an aluminum skeleton which gives it great robustness and very good glide with its large skates, only a few slight visual changes should be noted.

Equipped with 8 programmable buttons via the excellent iCUE software, the M65 RGB Elite should delight fans of FPS thanks to its Sniper button which allows you to temporarily switch to a different profile from DPI, set by default to 400 DPI.

The major evolution initiated with this revenge revisited is of course at the level of the sensor. It is indeed equipped with a Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor, which is a direct evolution of the one that fitted the M65 Pro. It supports accelerations up to 50g and capture speeds of 10.16 m / s, with a maximum sensitivity reaching 18,000 DPI, configurable in steps of 1 DPI! Regarding the transmission speed, we also have the right to the best! With its 1000 Hz / 1 ms, the M65 Pro RGB Elite ensures perfect responsiveness. Coupled with a surgical precision sensor, we are definitely dealing with a high-flying mouse cut for FPS but which will do just as well in all kinds of games that do not require a string of buttons.

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Corsair M65 RGB Elite: User review

If Corsair does not invent anything here, the manufacturer gives us a gaming mouse that undoubtedly plays in the big leagues. With its sober and elegant design, its DPI adjustable on the fly, its programmable buttons and its famous Sniper button, the M65 RGB Elite is undoubtedly a mouse that allows you to perfect your skill and be competitive even at the highest level.

A faultless all the more since its grip is very easy in claw grip as in palm grip. Difficult to do better on this price range - €69.99. The choice of wireframe writing, quite simply.

5. Roccat Kain 120 AIMO


+ Remarkable handling

+ High precision sensor

+ Compact and light


- Reserved for right-handers

- Non-disengageable thumbwheel

- No "sniper" button

Just a few weeks after its acquisition by the gaming helmet specialist Turtle Beach, the Germans of Roccat have formalized three new mice: this Kain 120 which incorporates our comparison, its wireless version named Kain 200, as well as a slightly less model expensive (with a less powerful sensor) with the Kain 100.

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO: Titan Click and "gamer" mouse of choice

Available recently for the price of €69, the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO shows a design worked by the manufacturer with a relatively compact and light design (89 g). Here, the evolution is much more ambitious than what we have seen on the Kova AIMO which, despite its great qualities, remains only a revision that offers a little surprise.

If the Kain 120 seems to be a fairly standard mouse with its 6 buttons and its ergonomics only thought for right-handers, it is nonetheless a high-end model with a neat assembly and the excellent Owl-Eye sensor. Standard, it is also standard due to the absence of customization options such as a weight system, removable buttons or cable, or even non-slip coating on its edges. Despite everything, these criteria are minimal compared to the great qualities of this mouse.

We take advantage of Omron switches guaranteed for 50 million clicks, but above all the Owl-Eye optical sensor developed by Roccat. Capable of reaching 16,000 DPI, it is one of the most precise on the market and allows the setting of the lift-off distance (the detection height) via the Roccat Swarm software. Finally, know that the manufacturer has developed what he calls "Titan Click" in order to obtain " the perfect click ". In fact, the two main buttons of the Kain are not integral with the body of the mouse and are equipped with a spring system allowing to dampen each click, this results in a gain in reactivity, as well as comfort and increased precision since the button is activated in the same way if you press on one end or in the center.

Finally, note that the Kain 120 has a brand new wheel, the Titan Wheel 2.0, of high quality. It also has an ARM Cortex-M0 48 MHz processor which allows it to manage its internal memory, its AIMO backlight, but also (according to the manufacturer) to process the signal and manage clicks up to 16 ms faster!

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO: User review

Roccat surprises with this Kain 120 which goes to the essentials, the manufacturer seems to have clearly concentrated all its know-how on this new series comprising three models. With its comfortable grip, its reactive and precise clicks, its surgical sensor and its lightness, it presents itself today as one of the very best wired models and its wireless version also has serious advantages to compete with the leaders of the sector.

We will simply regret the absence of certain elements that could have taken this mouse a good head start, in particular a "Sniper" button like the M65 Elite from Corsair, or even a disengageable knob Titan 4D which equips other models of the brand, such as the Kone AIMO