Making Product Introduction Clips: 5 Sites to Create Advertising Videos For Free

According to Cisco, in 2020, more than 80% of users worldwide will access the Internet to watch marketing videos. It is many times higher than the 2014 figure. Therefore, making online advertising videos is extremely important to growing your sales and brand. If you are not familiar with free video advertising software, you can use the website to make online advertising videos below.
There are many great video marketing software such as Camtasia, Shortcut, etc. However, you have to install and learn how to use them, which will take you a lot of time. As for the website, you do not need to install, and all operations are very convenient and professional online. Here are the top 5 sites to help you create online advertising videos.


Speaking of websites that make beautiful and effective online advertising videos, it is impossible not to mention FlexClip. Just log in via Facebook or Google Gmail account. Then you can use all the features provided on this site completely free.
FlexClip's online video making website also offers lots of free intro interface templates. You just have to edit the basic information to be able to own your own intro video.


Flixpress is a website that helps users to produce intro in just a few minutes, from simple intro to "quality" and professional clips. This site offers a rich content library system and many quality templates, with just a few simple steps, you can customize the text, sound, colors, effects, .... Flixress is considered an ideal solution, suitable for businesses wishing to make intro clips to introduce products and videos introducing the company.


Ivipid is an online application that supports users to create video intro with modern technology platform, popular in Hollywood movies. Ivipid has integrated all of these technologies in a very simple web interface, helping you to make product introduction clips in just a short period of time.
This application allows you to create videos with 3 main topics, depending on the purpose of use, such as famous themes, original themes and parody themes.

Powtoon online video website is also a website that helps you create online video advertising extremely quickly by simply dragging and dropping available tools. This app provides you with free optional intro templates and paid professional templates. These available intros will assist in telling a story of the business, introducing the company, products, services, etc.
Using Powtoon will help you reduce the cost of buying expensive software. In particular, you do not need to install any other tools when using Powtoon.


Come to Intro Cave, and you will be provided with thousands of unique intro videos, served for all purposes and fields. Especially with the unique effects, professional. You just need to choose your favorite intro template, edit it according to your information, and then download it.
Intro Cave provides intro samples in areas such as beauty, health, company introduction, sports, etc.
Above are websites making free online advertising videos that you can refer to. Hopefully, this information will help you create great video marketing. We hope you can build a sustainable sales system.