Hub Planner Resource Management App: How it Helps Companies See the Bigger Picture?

Are you currently looking forward to a multitasking tool for managing your different organizational resources effectively? Have you gone fed up wasting time and effort on manual tools? If yes, we are here going to introduce you with one of the finest resource management tools being available in the market and that is Hub Planner.

Managing different resources effectively was surely not so easy before. The tool has emerged as a greater help for all of the business entrepreneurs. It is one of the best resource management tools being available in the market that is well known for its powerful and robust integration. It can effectively handle a wide range of needs for agencies and studios such as resource planning, reporting and analytics, resource scheduling and time tracking, etc.

One needs to be quite quick and perfect to stay in this competitive world. Whether it is about handling the meetings effectively or it is about to describe the staff and creating reports, everything can be easily managed with the help of Hub Planner’s custom fields.

Top Features Hub Planner Provides:

Hub Planner has emerged as a wonderful innovative resource management solution that is being designed to provide you unlimited features such as:

  • Reports

Reports are the way for checking out how your team is progressing. You can easily track your budget and can check whether your team is using it perfectly or not. Hub Planner comes up with a very powerful reporting system that makes it quite easy for the user to customize a report as per their preferences. Users are here absolutely free to build up reports with the help of Scheduler Booking grids and Timesheets. The reports being provided by the Hub Planner are being designed to provide users maximum readability and navigation process being provided here is also quite easy to go on.

  • TimeSheets

If you are willing to establish a perfect balance between the scheduled time from resource scheduler and reported time produced, TimeSheets is the perfect way to get that. Entering time accurately throughout the reports is not so easy for anyone. Hub Planner comes up with a powerful TimeSheets extension that makes it quite easier for the users to log in and track the actual time and bookings and events effectively. One can now easily track your time and schedule just by staying at a single place only. TimeSheets provide better clarity for the users and make it quite easier for everyone to see the context they are reporting time under very clearly.

  • Vacation

Hub Planner comes up with Vacation and Annual Leave Requests. These extensions have made the users of Hub Planner much easier now for managing the workflow and handling leave requests effectively. Hub Planner has provided ease of access to all the team members and has made it easier for everyone to request their vacation directly to the scheduler, request forms request page. Vacation Dashboard is being integrated into the tool that includes the overview of how many vacations you are currently having and how much you already have taken in brief. The tool is providing users new visibility that one can easily make use of manging their holidays while adjusting the upcoming public holidays at the same time.

How it Helps Companies See the Bigger Picture for their Resource Management?

Resource management was surely not so easy before. The introduction of the Hub Planner into the marketplace has enabled a wide range of companies in handling up their resources effectively. It has Heat Map reporting, Capacity Bar, Availability and Utilization Reports, and more. Here's how Hub Planner helps in resource management:

  • Availability Reports

The availability report will be able to show you the available time of resources during a set period of time. This helps to understand how's available and can be utilized for specific tasks. Users can also set availability for each resource management here just by using the availability of tabs. 

You can get the same from the General Settings option and can create or edit a particular resource as per your preferences. The feature of smart groups is also being integrated here to improve the availability of the resource for its customers.

  • Utilization Reports

Measuring resource utilization is a core ingredient to any solid resource management flow. Hub Planner is one of the finest and modern resource management that is specifically being designed to provide perfect visualization of resource utilization. This resource management tool is being integrated with resource scheduler and that makes it quite easier for the users to enjoy heat map style layout so that to assist color code your utilization value. 

  • Skill Sets

The basic needs of both resource and project management differs a lot for each business. The Hub Planner provides users the option of heat maps and custom fields that you can use for creating your data inputs. Users can make use of these custom fields for collecting more and accurate information during different activities of Project and Resource creation.


Make your journey smoother by integrating a perfect resource management tool in your schedule and that is Hub Planner for you. It is a perfect innovative and multi-tasking tool that provides users a peace of mind in affordable pricing. Hub Planner also offers a great 60-days long Free Trial so that you can understand it better before making a decision.