8 Easy Hacks to Skyrocket Your Mobile Conversion Rate

In this online world, people use mobile devices for researching products and services and connecting with brands. Since more and more people are using mobile phones, you can’t afford to ignore mobile users and tweak your marketing strategy to boost your mobile conversion rate. According to the recent stats, mobile sales continue to grow significantly, but a majority of shoppers still prefer to use a desktop to make purchases. Another survey suggests that mobile traffic converts at less than half the rate of that on desktop due to the poor mobile experience and a complicated checkout process.

If you want to strengthen your mobile marketing campaign and increase your mobile conversion rate, it is important to convince people to convert from mobile devices. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to attract your mobile audience, persuade them to become a qualified lead and generate more sales. Let’s have a look at a few really effective ways to increase your mobile conversion rate and bring more leads.

1.       Mobile Site Loading Speed

If you want people to convert and complete their purchases using a mobile device, you need to put your extra effort into improving mobile page speed. Keep in mind; people will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds for the first content to appear on the screen. Mobile sites that load faster have higher engagement and conversion rate than those who take forever to load. Using a mobile-optimized, responsive design, optimizing your images, and installing a caching plugin are a few best practices to improve your mobile site page speed.

2.       Create a Killer Design

Creating a great design for your mobile site matters a lot to build trust and persuade visitors to take the desired action. When it comes to designing your mobile site, it is important to pay attention to what your target audience wants and provide them with the exact information they are looking for. Make your mobile site design user-friendly so that people can find their desired product or service. When your site offers a great browsing experience, it will significantly increase your chances of getting more conversions. A professional mobile app development team can help you design a better version of your mobile site that will surely generate the desired results.

You can use eye-catching images to get visitors’ attention and keep them engaged. A survey suggests that content with beautiful images has the potential to attract more and more visitors than content without images. So, it is a worthwhile idea to use some high-quality images to improve your site design and create a sense of credibility.

3.       Make It Easy to Use  

If you really want people to convert and make a purchase decision using a mobile device, it is highly recommended to make it easier for visitors to learn how to find the desired information or add products to the cart. Once users know what to do and how to enter information when they visit your site, it will help them accomplish what they need to. It is also important to provide mobile users with plenty of space to tap, so they don’t make wrong selections. By focusing on your site usability, you can increase the chances of generating more leads and more mobile conversions.

4.       Well-Designed Mobile Form

A mobile form, if designed well, can play an important role in increasing your conversion rate. A well-designed mobile form makes every requirement clear to the users and efficiently reduces the shopping cart abandonment rate. With the impressive design, visible labels, and a limited number of fields, you can come up with an easy to complete mobile form that will help users to enter important details to make a purchase. You can add some shortcuts to reduce the effort required to fill the form. For instance, using autofill to complete lead form fields is an incredible idea to save users’ time and make data entry easier.

5.       Add Videos

To grab visitors’ attention and keep them engaged, adding videos to your mobile site is one of the best strategies to win more conversions. Since a large number of shoppers prefer to watch a video on their mobile devices than reading text, it is a sensible idea to use videos more widely in your marketing. Not only does it boost engagement on your website, but also help visitors to make a well-informed purchase decision.

6.       Add an Element of Urgency

It’s a tried and tested way to increase your desktop and mobile conversions both. By showing you are running out of stock and placing a countdown timer to your products is an effective way to convince people to take quick action and make a purchase. By creating a sense of urgency in your bestselling products or creating limited-time offers to the products or services people actually want to buy can drive people to hit the buy button before somebody else does. It is one of the best conversion optimization strategies for ecommerce stores as they can show how many products are left in stock. However, if you are a service-based agency, you can also make the most of this strategy by taking on a certain number of clients every month.

7.       Personalized Marketing

Harnessing the power of personalization can help you significantly boost your conversion rate and drive more sales. In fact, running a personalized mobile marketing campaign can increase customer engagement and double your overall profit. When you show visitors the right products at the right time, it will increase your chances of getting more leads. According to a recent study, more than 60% of users want to buy from brands that offer location-based personalized marketing material. By showing personalized offers, product recommendations and customized content based on the demographics and personal preferences, you can attract more and more people to your offers and boost your mobile conversion rate.

8.       Easy Payment Options

Did you know a complicated checkout process is one of the major reasons for poor conversion rate and cart abandonment? Make it easier for shoppers to pay by leveraging the digital wallet payment technology such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. You can also offer Visa and Mastercard to make the checkout process shorter and smarter.

So, here you go. These are some really effective ways to boost your mobile conversions and drive more sales to your business.