The Best 5 Techs for Integrating a Remote Team

The demand for remote work is on the rise, yet many companies don’t provide job-approved tools for the team. In the era of work from home, it is crucial to identify and execute the latest technology to keep the team connected in the best possible way. Employees feel happier and more productive when given the opportunity to work remotely, and employers need to join the movement by adopting remote team technologies. So here are the best 5 techs that you should consider applying for integrating a remote team into your business.

1. Remote Team Monitoring Software

No matter where your employees are, you will always need to know whether they are working or not. With remote employee monitoring software, you can work out this challenge can at ease. It will help to see whether the employees are working well. With this software, you can detect the self-proven and proactive workers of your team. It helps to build trust from both sides, so more firms need to use this app for the betterment of the business and employees.

2. Simplify Maintenance with Management Software

Managing assets and equipment has never been better before. With maintenance management software, you can boost productivity adequately. It is a computerized application that will supervise the assets of the company, schedule its maintenance, manage inventory, route the work orders, and facilitate robust reporting. With this tool, employees will be able to operate efficiently and provide management a real-time status of assets and maintenance plans. It is a cloud-based maintenance management system that offers a mobile platform for doing tasks and updates accordingly. 

3. Employee Engagement App

Employees need to be motivated when they work from home. Sitting at home and working for hours can make employees feel lonely and isolated. You also have to consider the health issue of employees- working for hours without commuting or walking outside can have impacts on your employees’ body. You need to take steps in this matter by deploying an employee engagement app inside your team. It encourages employees and helps them to achieve health goals. With this app, you can motivate your employees to stay healthy and keep them engaged to work. It’s a great tool to increase productivity, so more firms should deploy this app inside their remote teams.

4. Allow Mobile Devices

Remote employees often work from different locations of the house and use multiple devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets, to work on projects. You have to make mobile a crucial part of your work structure to offer them more flexibility and increase work efficiency.

For instance, let your employees use mobile devices for developing mobile-based applications and provide them VPN access in necessary works. Giving portable wi-fi devices should also help to work on a stable connection no matter where they work.

5. Video Conferencing Tools

Phone conferences are outdated already. When it comes to meeting with remote employees, video conferencing is the best way to go. It’s no surprise that remote employees can’t attend a face to face meeting- and video conference comes here as the best alternative. With smart video conferencing cameras, your team can feel like sitting in a meeting room with colleagues and easily talk with each other.

This solution will let your employees talk in real-time from anywhere around the world. An updated video conferencing solution can offer quality face to face interactions. You will only see the difference in expression and productivity once you allow and deliver satisfactory video communication tools to your team.

Picking the right tool will help your team to be productive and successful. By combining modern techs with traditional work ethics, you can achieve team goals and personal accomplishments at the same time. If you want to maintain the quality of an innovative workplace for your employees, try out the tools that we discussed. They do come in handy in challenging situations and will help remote teams to work just as great.