Are You Making the Right Move for Your SAP S/4HANA Transition?

When you have decided to move ahead with the SAP S/4 HANA ERP, it is imperative that you know and understand the steps required in the transition of this ERP solution. Also, when you want to make this switch, it is essential that you remember the integral parts required for this transition; where test automation and the need for efficient testing are the two crux of this process automation.

However, when it comes to testing automation, it is necessary to view this as a re-visited source to ensure the gathering of S/4HANA landscape. When we compare the operations of S/4HANA in the past, we can come up with the afterthought that is required to assure landscape stability, once the settings are up and live.

Today, it is essential for modern testing strategies to have test automation that comes up from the outset. This type of scenario is a common picture across adoption of S/4HANA, often showcased in terms of bigger transformation programs.

Let’s have a look at some of the adoption strategies that have already been adopted by several companies.

Testing all the Moving Parts

Making the right shift to S/4HANA is given equal importance as it is inched to the movement towards cloud-based networking over such ERP’s. Having such functionalities brings in several moving parts, helping businesses to cope up with the periodic changes noted in a given business.

Most industries that are a part of such solutions are already adapting to improved and better versions of the given HANA variants. Besides adapting to new features, they are also looking into improved functionality with a connected ecosystem.

Moreover, the process of test automation allows users to check their speed and efficiency of operations to come up with an optimized way to perform operations. The typical S/4HANA installation provides easy integration with SaaS.

Achieving Your Test Automation Outcomes

Achieving test automation with your HANA strategy can be an easy process as the solution comes with a strategy, allowing such tools to help you focus on the outcomes of your business. With the advent of test automation outcomes taking place, you can easily adapt the SAP S/4HANA technology to allow seamless operations between your workforce. Interestingly, this automation helps build improved tolerance levels, allowing businesses to prioritize critical aspects.

When you prioritize the strategy over test data framework and make the right switch to Accely online SAP S4 HANA, the operations in businesses take a turning point with SAP S/4HANA test automation strategy. This way, the number of product variants allow businesses to test everything.

Selecting the Right Test Automation Tools

Choosing the right test automation tools for your HANA landscape is important as it saves you from the trial-and-error reporting. The advent of appropriate tools allows users to get full visibility over the end-to-end processes of understanding software defects.

When it comes to choosing the right test automation tools, a majority of the focus depends on the reach of the S/4HANA that you have opted for. When you choose the right automation tools, you cut on the costs and the procurement decision, allowing you to balance the costs of running and maintaining the business.

Another relevant scenario that arises while testing the automation tools is when customers use open source tools that might hinder the process of automated testing.

Adding Further Value with Test Automation

With the advent of automated testing over your framework, S4 HANA allows automated testing of the given combinations of all the simple tests and other practical applications. This way, when you switch to  SAP S4 HANA, you get the automation process to get customer validation over their transition to the platform before live operations take place.

When it comes to the other practical application that allows the process of test automation, users can easily get their hands on all the given test data over the training over S/4HANA.

Embedding Automation in Your S4 HANA Journey

Now that you have finally understood the concept of S4 HANA and the right move to it, we hope that you also understand the value that is added by the process of test automation over the transition that is being done by several companies.  This way, you can easily automate the process of operations over your ERP journey before you finally move further and adapt to the process.


Switching your platform to Accely online SAP S4 HANA might seem difficult at first due to the difference in landscapes of the given environment. However, once you are done with the process of automation over your platforms, enjoying automation is the only right thing to do.