Why Microsoft Surface is The Right Workplace Device for Your Business?

In this technologically-driven world, every business must have all the latest tech devices to steer through the competition. Irrespective of the size and nature, every business today needs to harness the potential of technology. The efficiency of employees directly results in the productivity of the company, and their efficiency is dependant on the type of resources. Having tech devices in the workplace can benefit companies in different ways. 

If you are looking for flexibility and efficiency within a cost-efficient approach, you must start thinking about Microsoft Surface for business. It is a Microsoft suite that offers high-quality and cost-effective collaborative solutions to companies. It comprises a range of devices that helps in sharing and collaborating information. Microsoft Surface has over 1000,000 apps that include Microsoft Office 365. Over the years, companies have realized the worth of this Microsoft solution and switched over to it. Better performance, cost-effectiveness, and higher flexibility are the major highlights of Microsoft Surface. 

Let’s explore why your business Microsoft Surface today.

Benefits of Microsoft Surface For Business

Using devices that bring productivity is anyhow beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft Surface for business is a range of laptops in the market that are designed with Autopilot feature. Here are a few more incredible benefits of using it in your business. 

Easy Collaboration

No matter in which vertical your business deals in, it becomes imperative to enhance the collaboration to increase productivity. Microsoft Surface for business is a one-stop destination to get a consortium of collaborative tools. Screen markup teams, OneNote, Surface Pen, etc., are some of the solutions that help you and your team to work together and remain on the same page, literally. You can also connect with other Microsoft devices as well. 

Amazing Versatility

This Microsoft solution can work both as a laptop and tablet, enabling you to increase the working abilities in the workplace. It also supports working on-the-go and allows your employees to stay looped with the team from anywhere. No more juggling between desktops, mobiles, and laptops; just one Surface device will be enough. You can store all your data, files, and other important elements in one device and work remotely or from the office. Working has been simplified and streamlined by Surface, and you better make the most of it. 

Added Security

Companies are always concerned about the security of their files and data. With Microsoft Surface for business, you never have to fear data breaches from the devices. Microsoft Surface has Windows Hello, a facial recognition software that conducts biometric login to enhance security. No more passwords and fingerprint recognition can be easily compromised. Employees have to remember multiple passwords for different devices, no more. Facial recognition makes the login easier and safer for employees. Protecting the confidentiality of your business data is your responsibility, and Surface is the best ally for you. 

Strengthened Executive Team

It is the best way to optimize different departments of the company. Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) is a great feature for the executive team to manage the firmware setting. All this is possible with Surface Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). It helps in configuring SEMM on Surface devices. Additionally, the UEFI promotes faster boot and load times and security features. SEMM gives the executive team better control over the firmware and enables them to manage all the works from a central location. Give your executive team the freedom to control the happenings with Surface. 

Increased Sales and Marketing

If you think this device is only meant to help the employees and increase their productivity, you will be surprised to know it can benefit your marketing and sales. Microsoft Surface helps the sales and marketing team to establish good relationships with the clients and increase sales. It is compatible with Microsoft workplace analytics that scrutinizes the data from Office 365 to engage customers and increase productivity. Microsoft Surface is also good for interacting with customers in a better way. 

The Bottom Line

Are you lagging behind the productivity in your workplace? Have you ever thought of adding mobile-friendly devices into your operations? If not, we have given you plenty of benefits of Microsoft Surface for business. Boosting productivity, adding security, and strengthening your core executive team, this Microsoft solution is the perfect mobile solution for your business.