7 of the Best Project Management Software

Almost every medium to large-sized business has adopted project management software for running the tasks effectively. Regardless of how skilled your workforce is, still you would need these software to obtain optimal results. But, what is project management software? Well, in order to manage, organize and plan a number of projects, a project management software plays a vital role. It depends on the need of your business whether you want to use the simple management software or the advanced one. To choose your desired project management software, it is necessary that you get to understand beforehand the features these include.

Functions Of Project Management Software:

Project management software not only have some limited functions but can be used to schedule and plan projects, to manage risks, and for controlling the change besides other uses. These functions include;

Planning Of Projects:

From marking the tasks for each employee to explaining the task through visual means, these software hold their own importance and have almost replaced the paper pen tradition. Besides, If your team worker finishes his work right before time then you can assign another task to them as well.

Task Management:

These software will let you create the tasks, divide them, create deadlines, and see performances. As these help in assigning the tasks and setting deadlines, they also send a notification as a reminder when the deadline is near.

Help You Share Your Files:

You can easily share your work files with anyone just by sharing the link or simply by downloading them. To work with a large group of people, you need to collaborate timely and with the help of these software, you can make fast connections with others.

Provides Shared Team Calendar:

Project management software doesn't only remind you of the work deadlines that are approaching but also you can set timers and reminders for other activities, such as meetings or any other off the board task.

Accessible Data For All:

Project management software enables you to keep all the data in the same place whether it is planned or completed, such as bills, resources, documents, customer data and calendar events.

Customizable Reports:

In order to make your business a success, you need to keep a hold on all the reports. But, did you know that these software can also form reports for you? Many of these software keep your previous data and make up reports which you can use to compare the performances and a lot more.

Resource Management:

Materials as well as meeting rooms that are consumed in order to accomplish a project need to be tracked as well. However, with the help of these software, you can keep your sight on how much resources are being used. You can also set new guidelines or limit the usage of these resources. Secondly, you can also keep a notice on your budget. Amazing!

7 Best Project Management Software

Now, as we promised to reveal to you the top 7 best project management software, let's have a look at what these are and what advantages they hold.


Being on top of the list, ProofHub is a software that provides you with almost all the possible functions under one roof. Due to this fact, it is now being used by well-known organizations including NASA. It is versatile and helps in making the team management unchallenging. It has outstanding features, like it quickly performs a feedback sharing process. You can also get visuals of the projects. Also, it is available for both iOS and Android.


Second on the list, falls Scoro. To bring structure to your work and to be used in creative and professional services, Scoro is the option to opt for. It reviews and generates reports and does not make you download multiple softwares to get your work done but can be integrated with other apps. It helps keep your work organized.


To get better control and visibility, it is developed by a skilled and determined team. It reports precisely, creates a to-do list, helps with the sharing of files and creation of more tasks. It facilitates its users with fast communication.


Supplying its customers with the center to carry out lots of tasks, from quickly phoning the staff members to organizing, video phoning them, producing classes, and having integrations plus a good deal more, Fluxble has marked its own significance.

Zoho Projects:

It is user-friendly and only some clicks can help you streamline your work. It is your one-stop to create, collaborate and communicate regarding your work and makes the file management as effective as possible. Furthermore, Gantt charts can also be installed with this to check the progress.


Being appreciated by a vast number of users, GanttPRO carries a lot of features including the already available templates, creation of plans, setting timelines, controlling the expenses, tracking the workflow, making collaboration possible and making the deadline meeting possible. It allows the comments and suggestions as well as keep all the resources in use.


Although it is still thriving in the market to gain even more popularity among the users, still, many people have already adopted it. It is due to the fact that it is super convenient to be adopted. Blessed with the features like accessing the risks, acknowledging their frequency and managing the issues. It further has the availability of timesheets with the time durations mentioned in hours to manage the time. Moreover, you can conduct multiple meetings through nTask and follow them up.


Therefore, now you know the best project management software to use. However, being a business yourself, you should have a far better idea about the requirements of your organization and whether you should go for the simpler version of project management software or the advanced one.

The things which should be considered basic in terms of selecting these software include the presence of cloud-based access, customizability, up-to-date features, affordability, security, integrations and most of all user-friendliness. Also, it is best to choose one of such softwares rather than getting your hands on multiple softwares. But, one thing is certain that for the convenience of managing your workflow nowadays, these softwares are the must-haves. If you liked this article, don't forget to share it with your community.