The Top Five ESG Consulting Firms For Sustainable Investing

Never before have environmental, social, and governance factors become an essential aspect of companies' operations and investment strategies. Calls for companies to operate with greater transparency and social purpose is slowly becoming a central theme in the investment world. Likewise, investments in companies dedicated to ESG related issues continue to enjoy exponential growth, having reached over $8 trillion as of 2016.

Investors are increasingly turning their attention to firms and companies focused on having environmental, social, and governance impacts in addition to generating returns. Millennials have been the most vocal and concerned about ESG issues in everything they do right, from investments to areas they work.

Similarly, asset owners and investment managers have started formalizing their investment approach to address ESG issues and report stewardship and engagement activities.

ESG consulting firms are increasingly cropping up with the sole aim of helping companies determine the actions that are likely to impact them. Below are some of the top ESG consulting firms that companies turn to when trying to align their operations with ESG issues?

KKS Advisors

KKS Advisors is a prominent company when it comes to the provision of ESG advisory services. The firm specializes in helping clients center their operations on sustainability while reducing their negative impact. It also provides insights on maximizing profits while addressing ESG issues.

It accrues its edge on offering workshops that help companies understand the entire ESG scope. Through the forums, the firm teaches clients appropriate actions to take to become more sustainable and profitable.

Besides, it offers services and advice on corporate governance, corporate reporting, sustainable investing, and impact investing.

The Altruist League

Switzerland-based the Altruist League is a philanthropy advisor and an ESG consulting firm that offers a wide range of services focused on helping clients ranging from corporations to institutional investors to craft its portfolio with leading sustainable investment products and strategies.

With its analysts tracking citizen-led movements in 93+ countries and its expert teams versed in a broad range of contemporary environmental, social and technological issues, the Altruist League is in a unique position to help to build future-proof sustainability strategies that go far beyond the simple box-ticking or a typical risk management process. It examines the investment or philanthropy portfolios of potential clients and assigns them the Systemic Changemaker Score™ (SCS). It is used to assess the extent to which all the different activities of the organization support the advancement of society and the environment.


Advisian is a top ESG consulting firms for companies and individuals who want to gain insight into environmental sustainability. The firm has carved a niche for itself in helping clients deal with the ever-changing conditions the planet has to offer.

Its core business and operations revolve around managing energy security, new technologies, and their impact on the climate. The firm already has clients in over 25 countries, offering a wide range of services around managing chemicals, hydrocarbons, infrastructure, minerals, and metals.


Sancroft is an ESG consulting firm that specializes in helping companies worldwide reduce their carbon footprint. Combating pollution of all kinds is a top priority for the firm in the race to reduce its carbon footprint.

The firm advises clients on the materials to buy and use, be it minerals, water, or energy. Making it easy for clients to make environmentally conscious decisions is the firm's primary objective. Encouraging water analysis is another important avenue that Sancroft is focused on to enhance environmental conservation.

The amount of waste that a company produces says a lot about how efficient it is and cautious about the environment. In addition, the company helps companies address ethical and social issues in a variety of ways.

The Bank of New York Mellon

The Bank of New York Mellon has inked a strategic partnership with Sustainalytics to offer ESG data and services that help investors and companies make informed decisions about ESG focused investments.

With investors coming to terms with the fact that ESG issues can affect assets or investment values, the bank of New York Mellon is looking to provide the much-needed data for making informed decisions.

Likewise, the financial institution has unveiled BNY Mellon ESG analytics that lets investors peak through and analyzes how ESG metrics are likely to affect their portfolios. It becomes the first mainstream financial institution to offer ESG consulting services in response to investors prioritizing ESG issues.