How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft? (2022)

How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

Minecraft has already set its mark in the gaming industry. It has attracted people for many different reasons. It is loved by those who dream of amazing creations as it has infinite possibilities and combinations. Every time the game starts with a randomly generated world that is too large to explore both above and deep inside the ground. The player does not get any tools, shelter, or direction. It makes the game more surprising.

All those who play this game have realized the importance of saddle in Minecraft. Despite knowing the need for it, very few know the way to make it. This post aims at giving all possible methods to make a saddle in your Minecraft game.

Need for the Saddle

Saddles are considered as a treasure in Minecraft that can be used to ride horses. Not only horses, but saddles can also be used to ride donkeys, pigs, and other animals.

When you want to craft any new equipment in the Minecraft game then players need to assemble different resources from the environment. The saddle is one of the tools that no player can create but there are few methods to acquire saddle in the game. The ways include trades, fishing, drops, find a chest in a dungeon or Nether Fortress. In the later heading, the reader will get to know more about these methods.

Ways to Craft a Saddle in Minecraft

Ways to make a saddle in Minecraft

For this purpose, there are different answers for two different modes.

  • Creative Mode

If you are looking for a saddle in creative mode then there are different sections in different editions. For Java Edition, try to look for Saddle in the Creative Inventory menu which is under transportation. For the pocket edition, you will find it under the tools or equipment section. If it is Xbox One or PS4 or Win10 or Nintendo or Edu then you will simply find a saddle in the equipment section.

  • Survival Mode

In case you want to craft saddle in survival mode then definitely you can find it through various options that are available. As this game is full of surprises so you find many tools as you begin to explore and discover.  Following are the methods.

  • Chests in Dungeon

Players need to earn the saddle in Minecraft. Find it as a loot item that is beneath the surface of the earth. They are spread underground in dungeons. Just look for chests to find this item as loot.

Dungeons are exactly small room underground that is randomly generated. The biggest challenge here is finding the dungeon as it appears randomly. Dungeon always contains a spawner in the middle of the room that consists of two treasure chests. Take care of the monsters coming out in the middle and quickly loot the chest. In this case, the chances of crafting a saddle are 28 percent.

  • Chest in Desert Temples

Desert Pyramids or temples can prove as an effective place to find saddle. A desert temple usually consists of four chests and the probability of finding a saddle here is 24 percent. There is no such guarantee of finding saddles here.

make saddle in Minecraft

The biggest challenge is locating a desert temple. Find the pyramids that rise above the sand. Here a treasure chamber is present below the main floor in the middle of the room. Be careful while you enter this place because if you touch the stone slap which is present in the middle of the room then you will be set inside a TNT trap that will destroy the chest and the loot.

  • Chest in Nether Fortress

This case requires the player to first build a Nether portal before exploring it. The good thing about this Nether Fortress is that there are a lot many chests in this portal and each chest consists of different items in it. In order to find a saddle, you can also find some other valuable items in it.

  • Fishing

As stated above, fishing can be a way to acquire saddle in Minecraft game. It is also the easiest of all methods if you know correct fishing. This will save you from exploring dungeons, temples, trading, etc. You will get a saddle once if you cast your line 133 times. On the basis of the average time of every fishing attempt, it can take almost 45 minutes to fish that many times. In case you get lucky to find it sooner or you might take longer.

Still, there is a way of improving your chances of finding a saddle through fishing and that is an enchantment on your fishing pole.

  • Village Trading

Trading from villagers is among the best ways of obtaining saddle in Minecraft. One can get a saddle in exchange for 6 emeralds. There is one criterion before this trading and that is you need to level up the villagers to level 3 by trading. Leveling up requires purchasing of few items from them.

  • Village Weaponsmith and Village Tannery

If in case you do have good trading relations with the villagers, then there is one more option to get the saddle. This method is quite rare but few villages have weaponsmith shops or tanneries. The chance of finding a saddle in weaponsmith is 16 percent while in tannery it is 17 percent. Though very few villages contain the weaponsmith or tannery but still if you find such a building in the village then you can find a saddle in the chest present inside it.

Final Words

Once you earn a saddle then do not wonder about its usage. Just hold it in your hand and right-click a horse. The saddle is one of the most important tools in Minecraft. This is because it cannot be created using a table and furnace. Even though the animal becomes invisible, the saddle will be visible. 

The saddle is like armor in the game but the value for animal protection is zero.  The table and furnace are the tools available to the layer but a saddle cannot be created with them. One needs to venture out in the world and then find and gather saddle in the world of Minecraft.

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