Is Getting a Lifetime VPN Subscription Worth It? Weighing The Pros And The Cons

In a world that’s becoming more digitized by the day, cybersecurity and privacy have become major concerns for everyone. We all make use of technology in one way or another and we enjoy the amazing benefits it provides, but we can’t turn a blind eye on the privacy and security issues that come with it. When using an app to chat with their friends, going on an online shopping spree, or simply browsing the internet, people don’t want to feel like an exposed target. They want to feel safe and enjoy their online time as much as possible. 

Fortunately, there are multiple ways in which we can boost security while we’re in the online world and stay on the safe side. One of the most popular methods to keep issues at bay and enhance our online experiences is by purchasing a VPN service. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? But when you start looking for a VPN service, you’ll notice there are so many providers and countless VPN options to choose from that you’ll have a hard time deciding which solution is the best for you. 

Benefits of using a VPN 

But let’s take things step by step and before we go into detail about VPN subscriptions, let’s take a moment to remind everyone why VPNs are so popular and how they can make our lives better. Here are some of the most notable benefits of using a VPN service:

Enhanced security – a VPN allows users to surf the internet safely, shielding them from online threats that can steal their personal data and information and use them to their advantage. Your IP address, location and passwords are safe, giving you peace of mind. 

Safe remote access – if you want to access important work files or information from a remote location, a VPN can help you do that, while also ensuring that all the data you send and receive is completely safe. 

Privacy – maintaining your anonymity while browsing the web is another major advantage VPNs provide. With a VPN subscription, you can browse all day long knowing that your identity and data are kept anonymous and no one can track your online activity. 

Access to geo-blocked content – geo-restrictions can be quite a nuisance, stopping you from accessing the content you want – there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to watch your favorite shows because of geo-blocks. VPNs can bypass blocks and filters effectively so you can enjoy a hassle-free streaming experience. 

Affordability – it all comes down to money in the end. With so many VPN options on the market, providers compete to win more clients, so they offer very affordable packages. That means there’s never been a better time to purchase a VPN as you can find really reliable VPN services at great prices. Considering all the benefits listed above, you’ll get a lot for your money. 

Lifetime VPN subscriptions 

Before you start searching the market for providers that offer lifetime VPN deals, you have to do your research and decide if such a subscription is truly worth your money. As with every other VPN service out there, lifetime VPN services have their pros and their cons. So, you must first find out what the advantages and the disadvantages are before reaching a conclusion. Let’s take a look at the things you’ll get and the things you should worry about when choosing a lifetime VPN service. 


Let’s start off with the aspects that can make lifetime VPN subscriptions a tempting option. Here’s what you should consider:

Low costs – if you compare the price you have to pay for a lifetime VPN subscription to the costs of getting a regular monthly or yearly VPN plan, you’ll notice a big difference. Looking at things from this perspective, purchasing a lifetime VPN service can help you save money in the long run. 

Convenience – with monthly or yearly VPN plans you have to renew your subscription quite often. But a lifetime VPN service can make things easier for you as you’ll only have to pay once and then enjoy the benefits of a reliable VPN service long-term. However, keep in mind that lifetime doesn’t refer to the rest of your life, but to an extended period of time, usually from five years up. 

Enjoy all the benefits of a regular VPN service – if you’re not sure what exactly you need from your VPN service and you worry that a lifetime VPN might not suit your needs, you should know that this type of subscription provides all the benefits of a regular VPN service. So whether you’re looking to enhance your online privacy, ensure anonymity, access restricted content and more, a lifetime VPN subscription can help you with all that. 


It would be amazing if lifetime VPN services would have only benefits and zero disadvantages, but there are two sides to every coin. These are some of the drawbacks you should be aware of:

Poor service – since it wouldn’t be profitable for the VPN provider to offer around-the-clock service for a low-fee lifetime subscription, chances are their customer service won’t exactly meet your expectations. You might have to deal with any problem you encounter on your own. 

Lack of control – if the VPN providers aren’t able to make a profit that will allow them to sustain their operations, they can decide to close up shop at any given moment. Therefore, you have no guarantee that the VPN provider will meet your expectations and you have to take these drawbacks into consideration. 

Technology changes – with technology evolving at such a fast pace, it’s obvious that VPN providers will have to make serious investments to keep up with it and keep their services competitive. That can be an issue for vendors that offer lifetime subscriptions since most of them are not willing to invest money to upgrade their services. This makes you wonder if you really want to be tied to a company for such a long period of time.