[Easy Video Editing] FlexClip Video Maker Review

This time is a review of the video editing software FlexClip Video Maker.

We received a review request from PearlMountain Limited and provided us with a FlexClip Video Maker business plan free of charge.

We will honestly write down the strengths and weaknesses we felt and share them with the readers.

What is FlexClip Video Maker?

FlexClip Video Maker is a video editing software that even beginners can easily edit, creating marketing videos and family stories in minutes.

Difference between the free version and paid version

The major differences between the free version and the paid version are as follows.






image quality

480p SD

720p HD

1080p HD

1080p HD

Number of videos that can be inserted





Number of saved projects

12 cases

50 cases

200 cases


Video length

1 minute

3 minutes


Half an hour

Features of FlexClip Video Maker

Feature (1): Can be edited for free

You can edit without registration & for free.

There is a free version and a paid version, but the feature is that editing itself can be done for free.

Feature (2): Rich in animation elements

You can make attractive videos using animated texts and logos.

Even beginners can edit it because animations can be added with simple operations.

Feature (3): Many media are available

With over 1,000,000 media available, you don't have to worry about materials.

You can search for your favorite videos and photos.

Feature (4): Many templates are available

With over 1,000 templates available, even beginners can edit with confidence.

You can customize the template a little and save it, so you don't have to edit the video from scratch.

FlexClip Video Maker Review

First screen

It is white and has an easy-to-understand design.

You can start editing the video from "Create with template" or "Start from zero" in the upper left or the template in the list below.

Video editing screen

Edit the video from the menu on the left. You can easily insert the material just by clicking on it.

The menu is as follows.

  • Media: Insert videos and images
  • Text: Insert basic text, dynamic text, etc.
  • Overlays: Insert decorative overlays, logos, etc.
  • Element: Insert an arrow, social, etc.
  • Background: Insert background
  • Music: Insert and edit music
  • Watermark: Insert text or images through the watermark
  • More: Set the ratio

Video save screen

The edited video can be saved as MP4 or GIF, and the free version is saved at 480p.

You will need to sign in to save.

Advantages of FlexClip Video Maker

Advantage (1): I'm happy to be able to edit for free

If you want to save in high quality, you will be charged, but we're happy to edit it for free.

You can switch to the paid version after actually touching it so that you can make your judgment.

Advantage (2): Even beginners can edit videos

The operation is so easy that even beginners can edit videos.

The video editing screen is easy to understand so that you won't get lost in operation.

Advantage (3): Abundant templates and media

Video editing is fun because there are plenty of materials such as templates and media.

FlexClip Video Maker is suitable for video editing because it always has the material you are looking for.

Advantage (4): Can create GIF

In addition to saving videos like MP4, you can also save them as GIFs.

There are not many video editing software that can easily create GIFs. We're very happy to enjoy sharing GIFs on SNS.

Disadvantages of FlexClip Video Maker

Disadvantage (1): Menu switching is slow

We couldn't switch menus on the video editing screen very smoothly.

It's not that slow, so it doesn't hinder my work, but we was a little worried.


This time, we reviewed the video editing software FlexClip Video Maker.

In conclusion, video editing software allows anyone to edit videos with abundant materials and easy operation.

The following is a comprehensive summary.

  • Even beginners can edit videos for free and with easy operation
  • The quality of the material is high
  • There are plenty of materials, so you don't have to worry about materials
  • I'm glad if the menu switching becomes smooth

FlexClip Video Maker allows even beginners to edit videos.

Anyone can edit it for free, so give it a try.