9 Best Machine Learning Podcasts You Must Subscribe

Being into machine learning and working on myriads of projects, it's hard to manage time too often and keep updated about the latest happenings. Sometimes it's challenging to find the bug in coding, and often choosing the wrong algorithms or handling the inexperienced ones. 

But that doesn't mean you only focus on work instead of eying the actual happening in your favorite technology. 

This blog is for them, who think and breathe machine learning, and have innovation sparks in their mind. Suppose you have never thought about this already. In that case, you can start today by subscribing to the best nine machine learning podcasts and understanding the real-time implementation and inside-out about it. 

Let’s dive in.

What Are Podcasts?

Digital audio files made available over the internet to listen to through online streaming or downloading into your computer or smartphone's memory are typically known as a series with episodes for which you get the notification about a new episode going live if you're a subscriber of it. 

How Do Podcasts Work?

Podcasts are mini-episodes of your favorite blogs, with rich information, crafted with stories to inspire millions, wrapped up with recording formats available freely on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. You can search for your favorite genre, listen online and even download your favorite episodes to listen to them in offline mode. 

The fascinating thing about podcasts is they are easy to make, plan out and start yours too at the lowest price in no time as the demand for podcasting is surging, and all the episodes are available over the cloud. You create and upload and let people hear your best version. 

Why are Podcasts in the spotlight recently?

Podcasts are like blogging; each week, a new episode rolls out on the air with dynamic content, soothing music, fascinating stories, and mesmerizing voice in the back to keep you hooked from start to end. From the interviews to all the latest happenings globally, you get them in your ears no matter what you love doing. 

You can listen while traveling, doing your research for the fresh and hot content over the internet, great fits to intelligent devices, and for the people who live on real-life stories. And even there lie many opportunities to showcase your expertise and personal and professional growth in your knowledge areas, 

It makes you a thought leader to place your points with valid reasons and how can those points be effective in the real-life experience or growth for your organization - a knowledge hub for all kinds of needs. 

The above are a few valid points that keep podcasts in the spotlight. And if you're a machine learning engineer or belong to the data science or AI field, podcasts can change your life with the best innovative ideas happening globally. 

9 Best Machine Learning Podcasts You Should Listen To

  - Talking Machines 

How about honest conversations between humans about machine learning, one of the trending technologies of the 21st century with excellent machine learning personalities who have proved and established themselves as greats in the industry. 

Your host Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawerence bring the best conversations with the experts every other Thursday about the industry news and insightful answers to the asked questions. 

You can listen to the new and old episodes at: https://www.thetalkingmachines.com/

  - ML Guide Podcast & Applied ML by OCDevel

At Machine Learning Guide Podcast, Tyler Renelle teaches everything he knows in machine learning-the core fundamental concepts and theories, including the fun side. The host is an ex website, and mobile application developer turned full-time machine learning engineer.

He loves bringing fun and wit into the learning environment with core concepts and their applications from his hard-working experience on multiple projects. He also runs another show where he purely talks about applied machine learning-all the practical stuff there.

Links to podcasts: https://ocdevel.com/mlg

  - Data Skeptic 

Data Skeptic is one of the most trustable podcasts centered on data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The whole content breaks down to time series, consensus, interpretability, fake news, NLP, and AI. 

You can get in-depth insights on the above content with thorough analysis and the latest things happening globally with the application of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

You can listen to them online at: https://dataskeptic.com/

  - This Week in ML and AI 

The TW/ML talks about how machine learning and artificial intelligence dramatically change the ways businesses operate and people live their lives. Here the voice comes from the diverse spectrum of AI and ML researchers, practitioners, and innovators to help ML and AI become more accessible. 

Your host of the show is Sam Charrington, founded back in 2016. Since then, there is no lookback with over 7-million downloads with a massive and engaged community based on the educational content. 

You can groove the best episodes at: https://twimlai.com/shows/

  - Linear Digression 

Linear digression has the best podcasting episodes on machine learning and data science - the two leading technologies running the world. The hosts for the show are Ben Jaffee and Katy Malone, who talk about machine learning applications to solve tons of exciting problems and accomplish the unreached goals they set years ago.

The sad news is there is an official statement from their side that they have wrapped the final episode of the podcast last year 2020. And the great information is podcasts have the best episodes on their list that talk about how machine learning solves tons of leading problems that you shouldn't miss at any cost.

You can listen to them at: https://open.spotify.com/show/1JdkD0ZoZ52KjwdR0b1WoT

  - O'Reilly Data Show

One of the modern times' great podcasts has inspired the future continuously for the last 40-year with innovative ideas. O'Reilly Data Show spills out the best opportunities and the techniques driving big data, machine learning, data science, and AI. 

Their prime focus is to redefine innovation and discover emerging trends that will shape the tech industry's future and target the professionals who crave learning and implementing the ongoing trends in the market.

You can find them at: https://www.oreilly.com/radar/topics/oreilly-data-show-podcast/

  - Learning Machines 101

Learning machine 101 hosts a talk about all the critical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence that impact our daily lives for a simple and happy life. It even talks about the latest innovation where machines get implemented. 

And the experts break down the entire process into four chunks and moves forward with industry-based experience on:

  • Exactly how do these devices work?
  • How did they get there?
  • Where can we find more intelligent ways to make them?
  • And how can we help them become more human-like?

Every episode focuses on making the latest trend more accessible and fascinating to the whole world and impacts millions of people. 

They have top collects of topics and episodes, and you can find them at: https://www.learningmachines101.com/about-learning-machines-101/

  - Software Engineering Daily

Software is your obsession, and you love seeing the world from its perspective, be it automation, analytics, etc. Then, this podcast is for you to learn about ML-powered software/apps and their impacts on our planet. 

These days, apps and software are getting smarter, doing many things without human interpretation. This podcast is an eye-opener if you're a machine learning and software engineer together. 

Listen directly on: https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/category/machine-learning/

  - Weights and Biases - Gradient Dissent - A Machine Learning Podcast 

A weekly machine learning podcast takes you back to the behind-the-scenes of some of the earth's best and most successful projects. The folk of Weights and Biases explains how industry leaders put efforts on Facebook, Google, OpenAI, Salesforce, Stanford, etc.  

With 48 episodes available online, it's one of the best podcasts for machine learning professionals to understand the core and learn about its industrial applications. 

Though available on multiple platforms, you can directly listen to them on: https://wandb.ai/fully-connected/gradient-dissent


With high competition around, it's easy to get outdated if you get so much involved in your work, you can miss a simple technique that could solve your complex thing or show you the right approach from experts’ experience. 

But with changing technologies, podcasts are the episode-based stories to keep you informed about everything you want to know. They are audio-sized chunks, portable, time-efficient, and always on-demand. 

Suppose you're into machine learning, data science, or artificial intelligence. In that case, these nine podcasts are the best way to find real insight and implementation ideas even in your busy schedule by just listening to them.