DesignEvo Review: How to Make a Cool Logo Online

If you are committed to small business and personal branding, you will have to face limited resources and budget in the initial stage. For entrepreneurs without a design background, just establishing a brand logo is a headache. But, is there a quick way to the logo? Does the logo look very textured? Best still cheap or free? The answer is definitely yes. You can find massive free-to-use logo makers on the internet.

Talking about Logo Design

Companies use brand logos to convey brand impressions to consumers. The professional name of this knowledge is called Corporate Identity System. It integrates many design aesthetics elements and uses symbols, fonts, colors, and structures to make deep shaping so that all content must meet the appropriateness and aesthetics. Finally, the brand spirit must be packaged into this image structure.

It is challenging for an average person to imagine the effort required to bet on corporate identification. Generally speaking, design costs start from hundreds of dollars, and there are millions and tens of millions of dollars along the way. It mostly lies in the professionalism and popularity of designers and design companies.

But returning to reality, small entrepreneurship and personal branding don't have many resources to realize the above concepts. There are also many stories of this kind circulating on the internet. Due to budget considerations, there is no way to hire a professional design company to design the logo, so the owner uses a low salary to find a designer from Liangguang. As a result, the design was not as expected, and the two parties ended up unhappy.

You may have also heard that passionate young people go to computer cram school to learn graphic design to create a brand. As expected, a design still needs to be talented. After a long time, they still can't get started. Finally, they missed the prime time of entrepreneurship.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online service for brand logo design. It receives a huge famous because it contains more than 10,000 logo styles, a large logo database. You would love it because DesignEvo provides an ultra-convenient logo design process. You can design brand logos according to their preferences, and they can download and use them as soon as they are created.

Although DesignEvo provides free low-resolution Logo images (300 x 300 px) to download, considering the complete brand use in the future, it is still recommended to upgrade the PLUS  plan solution directly. 

How to design a logo with DesignEvo?

DesignEvo's official website content and operation interface support multiple languages

Considering the complete DesignEvo design process, you also need to download the Logo file at the end. It is recommended that you register for a DesignEvo account first so that the entire experience process will not be interrupted. DesignEvo's service supports Facebook and Google account registration, which can save users some verification procedures. Of course, personal E-mail can also be used to apply for an account.

DesignEvo provides two logo design processes, and you can choose any method that suits them:

1. Use the template database

Although DesignEvo has prebuilt more than 10,000 kinds of logos, they are all thought to help you classify them. Users can directly use keywords and categories to find their favorite styles.

Currently, DesignEvo provides 34 categories, but each category has hundreds of design styles, so it is strongly recommended to use keywords to find them.

If you find a logo you like, you can use similar and favorite functions to manage it. Please find more logos with similar styles by similarity, store them in the favorites folder, complete the style filtering uniformly, and select the favorites for editing.

If you want to use the logo template, you can use Custom to start editing it further. For instance, if you would love to make a mobile logo, you can search this keyword to match the result. The editing interface of the DesignEvo platform is very intuitive, it only takes 3-5 minutes to complete the basic settings, and you are completely stress-free.

2. Create a new blank canvas

If you can't find your favorite logo or have some special ideas about design, you may create a blank canvas and use the same editing interface for design processing.

After opening a new blank canvas, you can start the operation from the sidebar function on the left. It contains all the elements you need when designing a Logo: icons, text, shapes, backgrounds.

The new design can start with icons and shapes and then add favorite colors. Although you can use it when looking for themes, you can only find the icons with keywords. Since the difficulty of designing from scratch is relatively high, it would suggest finding inspiration from the template database first and then enter the logo modification will be more painless.

After designing the draft, don't forget these useful functions in the upper right corner:


Simulates the effect of the logo trademark in printing and digital applications, allowing users to feel the experience more


Regardless of whether the design has been completed or multiple designs are in progress, please make good use of the save function. If necessary, you can manage and edit again in My Design.


DesignEvo has three download plans: free, $24.99, and $49.99. If you have complete commercial use considerations, you can choose 49.99 US dollars not to get stuck when you do print output and multiple designs.


If you are a small or micro-entrepreneur, you can seriously consider using DesignEvo to complete the brand logo design, put more time and budget on e-commerce channels and community management, and accelerate the brand to be seen by more people.