The Future Is Expandable: Sliding Smartphone Screens Are Here

The days of being bound by the size of a phone screen are over. Today, as new smartphones release with bigger screens, more and more people are upgrading to the latest technology. In order to keep up with consumers' changing lifestyles, manufacturers must learn to make their phones feed the appetite of the consumers- and what are they asking for? Expandable, bigger screens is the answer.

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The future of smartphone expansion is expanding, making the phone grow with the user's lifestyle. Wouldn't it be great if your phone's screen could become bigger with the addition of new features? While some companies like Apple and Samsung are out of the game, new contenders are entering.

Oppo x 2021

Oppo x 2021 is coming to conquer the market with a sliding smartphone screen. According to the company's product manager, Yijun Zhou, the flexible screen of this new device will allow each user to personalize their device. Their new rollable concept phone features a scroll-like display, moving from side to side. 

The handsets will be built with an OLED flexible screen which measures 6.7 inches and can expand up to 7.4 inches. This is thanks to its dynamic sliding frame that retracts smoothly. Unlike Samsungs expanding devices, the OPPO X 2021 has no defined folding parts of the screen making it more durable and overly sophisticated. 

(Image Source: Oppo)

The fluidity of the screen movement means it can offer consumers a wide variety of screen sizes and freedom -something which has never before been available on the market. Seamlessly moving from a phone to a tablet and back again, personalized to the user's choice of size can change, the handset is not only tackling the smartphone industry as a whole, but also, is redefining the future of the web which will need to cater to this new feature. 

The combination of a fixed frame with a slide attached to it is what makes the magic happen. The frame around the device helps to protect the screen no matter the size of the display that is chosen. As the display unrolls, the sliding frame and rear battery cover move off the fixed frame panel to extend the screen size and offer better protection.

The device houses a side button that locks and unlocks the device while also extending and retracting the rollable display. Swiping up on the button will instantly unroll the screen and swiping down or double clicking will retcats the screen back to its original size. As we know, many tech giants have been looking for the next big thing in smartphones as the market remains fairly static since 2016.

(Image Source: Statista)

For this reason,. thinking outside of the box is imperative and is what has helped OPPO X 2021 achieve its greatness. To successfully build a display that automatically expands and reacts smoothly takes some great engineering. OPPS's structural engineers developed a custom Roll Moto powertrain. 

The roll motors are two built in drive motors that generate a constant force which enables the display to move in and out of the two parts. The stress is equally distributed for that the display is able to sustain heavy handling such as sudden pushes and pulls to the device without being damaged. 

The ingenious 6.8mm axis that the traceless rollable display sits on is the real hero in this handset. After much testing, OPPO engineers found that inflating a 6.8mm central axis will allow the display to bend without any difficulties and without leaving a trace, unlike the Galaxy Fold. As the display moves seamlessly through the central axis, it will remain smooth. The handset also houses a 2 in 1 plate support with zero gaps. These two supports subtract on the other side of the device making a comb like structure which helps the designs support the screen, preventing it from collapsing inwards. When the display retracts, the two come together to form a single surface. Expanding screens are most definitely the future- Samsung began the trend and now others are redefining the feature with better technology and increased accuracy for longevity and better performance.