6 React Native App Inspiration for Your Start-up

People who are opting for a start-up business often prefer to go online these days. Because to reach out to more people, one needs to have a digital presence. And mobile apps are more in demand than web applications due to their features like accessibility, portability, lower loading time, etc. It generates its business leads globally instead of getting them from the offline market. And while developing a mobile app, you need a bundle of features complementing your UI/UX. Here, choosing the right development library like React Native is important. You can hire react native app developer to develop appealing UX features as per your business’s needs and requirements. Some of the giant companies using React Native are: 

  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Skype
  • Tesla
  • Instagram
  • Baidu Mobile
  • Pulse
  • SoundCloud
  • UberEATS

Thus, not only start-ups but also huge companies like Tesla and Facebook use React Native to develop their mobile applications. Also, if someone decides to go for both platforms - Android and iOS, they should be able to determine if they want to build the application individually for both platforms or a hybrid platform.

Programming languages like Swift, Objective C, and C++ are used to make applications for Android and iOS. Whereas, there are programming languages like JavaScript with libraries like React Native and others, that are used to develop hybrid mobile applications.

Out of all these, React Native is considered the easiest and most used library for hybrid mobile application development.

Now, you might have a question like “Why React Native is  a better fit for your business apps?”

For this, let us discuss the benefits of building an app with React Native. 

Advantages of the React Native Technology:

React Native App Development is one of the easiest and fastest technologies used to build mobile applications. Let us have a look at the advantages of React Native:

  • Used to build hybrid mobile apps (the single application that can work on multiple platforms).
  • Takes less time and effort for developing a hybrid mobile application than other technologies.
  • Helps to increase the efficiency of the developer.
  • Provides attractive and dynamic UI/UX, along with React's support to integrate external modules for the native library.
  • Promotes high performance.
  • Allows transit between react app development and native app development and vice versa.
  • Supports both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Enables converting a web application to a mobile application.

You can hire React Native development company to get a dynamic mobile app for your business for helping your business reach the maximum audience. You can get your business app developed with the efficiency of high performance, and attractive UI/UX.

1. Books App

One of the simplest mobile applications one can build with React Native is a Book app. Nowadays, people are too busy to go to the library or bookstore to buy or read books there. They want a solution by which they can read or listen to their favorite books in their free time regardless of where they are. And a mobile book app seems the best option here. They can access their favorite books anywhere and anytime.

You can either spin off your own version of a Books app in React Native or can use an existing app as inspiration, like Audible or Amazon Books. The app can be their very own library for eBooks and audiobooks. You can even give them the option to search the books that they want to read next, based on different genres or categories. Another app idea around books can be building a marketplace where users can sell or buy used books. You can also implement features such as book reading clubs, chat, groups, etc.

Features of Books App

  • User Login & Registration screens
  • Book List & Category List
  • Navigation (Drawer or Tab Bar)
  • Books Details screen (including author, description, book cover, price, etc.)
  • Book Search functionality
  • Audio plugins for listening to audiobooks
  • Rating & reviews system for each book
  • Bookmarks within books

2. Recipe App

What to make for lunch or dinner is the most head-scratching question of all time. To ease this, you can make an app that includes various recipes. You can even add filters like vegetarian recipes, non-vegetarian recipes, diet recipes, gluten-free recipes, etc. Adding a section where people can add what they are allergic to is a great option. This way, your app will not show the items that the recipes that include the products they are allergic to, or it would suggest an alternative. You can easily make your recipe app by using the react native framework on the respective application repositories.

Features of Recipe App

  • Provide facility to navigate through the activities using the relevant menus, by the navigation bar.
  • Include the photograph of the dish with the description for the same.
  • Add search functionality to ease the recipe search for the users.
  • Embed videos from social media platforms like YouTube.

3. Expense Tracker

One can use this application to track their own daily expenses. Users can keep a record of day-to-day transactions, either monthly or yearly. One can even save their credit card or debit card details or bank account details in this application to make an instant payment wherever necessary.

Also, one can monitor the annual or monthly budgets based on day-to-day expenditure. One can generate the analysis report of their expenses using various graphs and charts. They can also categorize their spending, like household expenses, shopping expenses, etc.

Features of Expense Tracker

  • The transition among various activities by using the navigation bar.
  • Screening of day-to-day expenditure and getting the analyzed total monthly spending.
  • Categorization of the spending records.
  • Details of the expenditure like category, description, date, and the amount spent are displayed together.
  • For making an online payment, different payment gateway can also be integrated into the application.

4. Music App 

One of the rapidly growing industries of mobile application development is the music app. If you want a start-up, you might think at least once regarding an investment in this app. Dynamic and attractive UI is possible to develop with audio, and live radio using the react native application development. You can take the inspiration from the UI/UX from music applications like the Spotify app, etc., as they use the react-native platform.

Features of Music App

  • Adding your custom playlist by embedding its URL into the app.
  • Multiple radio channels are supported.
  • Streaming for music and radio.
  • Sharing your favorite playlist on social media.
  • Light and dark themes for the application.

5. Shopping App

As we all are aware, the most popular category of applications is online shopping application. And the idea of starting an eCommerce shopping business has always been in trend. You can refer to the examples of huge revenue-making shopping applications like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Features and functionalities of a shopping app include details and categories of the products, online payment cart, etc. You can even add some advanced functionalities like tracking of orders, discount coupons, etc.

Features of a Shopping App

  • AR/VR can be implemented in the app.
  • After-shopping support can be provided.
  • Push notifications can be enabled.
  • Easy navigation between the screens by dedicated tabs and menus.
  • Payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. are integrated.

6. Friends Near Me App

Nowadays, people prefer to meet new people online, chat, decide to meet and that’s how they become friends. So, you can ask them relevant questions like their interests, favorite sports, opinions, dream place, etc. This way when some other person will have the same likes and dislikes, the app matches them and that is how your app can initiate a beautiful friendship.

The react native social network app has:

  • The integration of the social networks.
  • Managing the user’s location using maps.
  • Navigation through the app.

Hence, if you want to build a social media app, then react-native is the right choice.

Features of Friends Near Me App

  • Friend recommendations are available to the users.
  • Locations can be managed using maps.
  • Login, Registration, Facebook, and Google login plug-in are available.

Developing React Native technology helps you to boost your business in today’s digital space. To run a business and manage three different front-end teams simultaneously is even a more tedious task. Whereas React Native provides peace of mind by allowing teams to share up to 95% of their code across Android and iOS.

Wrapping Up 

I hope this article inspired you to start your own start-up. And by keeping all the points in mind, we can say that developing the mobile app with the right development framework is as vital as making your business go digital. With all the advantages of react-native, it seems clear that it is the best and growing development framework to opt for developing your mobile apps. 

Make sure you discuss all the requirements of features and functionalities you want in your app when you hire a dedicated react native developer. So that they can help you build visually stunning, scalable, robust, engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive cross-platform mobile applications.