How to Turn Your WooCommerce Shop into a Memorable Brand

WooCommerce store owners often find themselves looking for ways to take their online business to the next level. They want to improve the branding of their store to set their store apart from the rest, increase brand recognition, and build trust. 

In such a scenario, first, it is important to understand what consists of a brand? Logo? Design? Color palette? Yes, they are important elements of branding. 

But it also goes beyond and includes everything from your brand value, messaging, and ultimately what differentiates you from your competitors. 

At a time when customers are becoming increasingly picky about who they should purchase from, it’s important for you to provide them with a unique factor. A lot of businesses are turning to product customization to level up their online store. How can you start working on improving the branding of your WooCommerce store? This post is all about it. Keep reading!

Biggest Challenge with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. It is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. WooCommerce powers over 28.19% of all online stores.

However, an issue with WooCommerce is that despite being versatile, it lacks the in-built functionality of product customization. Luckily, you can overcome this challenge using a WooCommerce Product Designer Tool. 

The tool allows users to customize their products as per their preferences. It helps drive customer satisfaction, additional revenue growth on your store, and ultimately helps build a brand that people are likely to remember. 

WooCommerce Product Designer: A Stepping Stone to Building a Remarkable Brand

When building a brand, a crucial thing that business owners need to consider is identifying the core value they want to deliver. Integrating a Designer Tool on your WooCommerce store is that it helps establish a unique selling proposition.  

Instead of offering generic products, you deliver more value to end customers by giving them the ability to customize products. You can show them a bigger picture of how you are a step ahead as compared to your competitors. 

For example, you can have an entire section dedicated to customization on your online store. Zazzle has an independent category ‘Create’ that lets shoppers create eye-catching designs on blank products using ready templates. That’s how they differentiate themselves from their competitors who only sell off-the-shelf products. 

This unique factor can do wonders in improving your brand awareness. Such a tool comes with the functionality to let users share the designs they have created on their social media platforms. That in turn, will help spread the word, and pique curiosity among other users to come to check out your website. You gain more publicity, a broader audience, and more organic traffic on your website. That way a tool will do most of your promotion work too. 

Once you get more visitors to your online store, the next step is to ensure that they are engaged enough to check out your offerings, and finally place an order. A good designer tool not just helps in getting more customers in your store, but it even ensures customer engagement. And that is why it becomes important to choose a reliable tool. 

When looking for a great Designer Tool, focus on not just the features and functionality the tool offers but also that it is easy to use. The usability of a tool plays an important role in how end-users perceive their interaction with your brand. If you are investing in a digital product, you need to ensure that the interface is intuitive, and helps the user accomplish their end goals.  

A tool with a great interface and user experience ensures that every user coming to your website, irrespective of the technical knowledge they have, can easily carry out the customization process. If the tool is easy and convenient to use, users are likely to finish customization quickly and proceed with the purchase.  

Another point to consider when choosing the right tool is scalability. A good tool, instead of obstructing your business’s growth, helps boost it. Look for tools that give you the control to customize it as per your business logic. 

How to Enhance Your Branding

Integrating a Designer Tool is just the beginning. You will have to work on ways to improve your brand identity. Start by working on how you will make people aware of the uniqueness of your brand. Nobody is going to know you have something unique to offer to them if you do not state it clearly. 

As discussed in the earlier section, having an independent section for customization on your store menu is one way. You can also consider making a few changes to your brand’s tagline. 

Write copies that clearly reflect your unique selling point. You can put them either on the About Us page, or product pages. 

For instance, Canva, the online design and publishing platform, aims at making designs easy for everyone. It conveys the USP - ‘Empowering The World to Design’ on its About Us page. You can also update the bio of your social media accounts and add information about product customization. 

As mentioned in the earlier section, the tool gives users the ability to share their designs on social media. To encourage users to take this action, you can incentivize them. Maybe you can give a discount on products if they manage to invite their friends to try your designer tool. 

If you want to build a successful brand, you need to be consistent in customer experience across different applications including printing, packaging, customer service, etc. Pay special attention to the printing of products too. 

Take into consideration the printing method that you use. Check the quality of colors, image quality, and sharpness, durability of printed designs, pay heed to the finishing of garments.  

Along with printing, the packaging is equally important. Good product packaging appeals to the target audience. If your target market is older adults, you may need large text on the packaging. 

Another aspect to focus on is customer service. A few strategies to work on customer service is developing an omnichannel strategy, tracking customer satisfaction score, implementing live chat, leveraging social media, etc. 

Concluding Remarks

Good branding increases the value of your company and builds trust among customers. It has the potential to get word-of-mouth referrals. Product customization plays an important role in adding more value to your customers. Enabling customization on your WooCommerce store will help you build a unique, memorable brand. However, WooCommerce lacks the functionality to deliver customizable products. And that’s why businesses can integrate a WooCommerce Product Designer Tool. It enables end customers to choose from a variety of features like clipart, custom image upload, rich text editor, artwork, etc. that way they will be able to get products tailored specifically per their requirements. That way, you can turn an ordinary storefront into a remarkable design lab.