6 Simple Steps to Creating Perfect Whiteboard Animation

Have you ever seen videos where someone appears to be drawing a story on a whiteboard while explaining something? This type of video is known as "whiteboard animation," The process is known as whiteboard animation production. 

Whiteboard animation production is works that depict an artist drawing on a whiteboard in front of a camera. Initially, people used actual whiteboards and markers. It was more like an analog approach to whiteboard animation production. But nowadays, the dynamics of whiteboard animation production have changed. Digital animation is used, which makes the process cleaner and more efficient.

But what makes this type of video so effective? Messages are easier to understand and remember when they are drawn on a whiteboard. And, yes, this includes your marketing message. They have a high educational potential, making them ideal for conveying complex ideas to your audience.

That being said, while whiteboards are appealing to businesses because of their educational power, there are a few things you should know before you start doodling on them. So, to ensure a flawless whiteboard animation production, continue reading to learn about six steps in the whiteboard animation production to create a perfect whiteboard animation.

1. Script

Never begin without a script — Writing a script is the first step in whiteboard animation production. The writing is the foundation of any video, and it makes all of the subsequent steps much more accessible.

Your script must have a strong structure (a beginning, middle, and end), and the information must be distributed strategically.

2. Storyboarding

Then there's the storyboard — Once you've finished your script, the next step in the whiteboard animation production is to start working on your storyboard.

You can think of it as a rough draft for the illustrations or design the screens and pair each one with its section of the script. Choose the method that works best for your animation team, but don't forget about the storyboard!

3. Connect Drawings

When the drawings are interconnected, it aids your audience in following the visual narrative while reinforcing the idea that the artist is scribbling on a whiteboard. In addition, it gives your story a sense of continuity and coherence.

No drawing (or whiteboard animation) is complete without a drawing hand (or whiteboard animation); no illustration (or whiteboard animation) is done! It simply connects everything. If you don't include a drawing hand in whiteboard animation production, your video will be a regular animated rather than a whiteboard video.

4. Characterization

Create characters that are visual representations of your audience to help your message resonate with your viewers, giving your finished video more impact.

5. Animation

As discussed above, the illustrations in a whiteboard animation video are drawn by hand. However, in this digital age, images, along with an animated hand, can be digitized if you want to project a more modern style to your video. 

As a result, ensure that the writing is perfectly animated. Also, if your characters need to move around a little, a small amount of movement will always make it appear more engaging.

6. Duration

If you create a short whiteboard video, you have a better chance of keeping your audience's attention throughout. The best thing you can do is keep your video between 60 and 90 seconds long. That is sufficient to convey a compelling message while maintaining their undivided attention.

Final Words

Still, keep in mind that people will only watch the first 10 to 15 seconds of your whiteboard video before deciding whether or not to watch the rest of it. That's why you should forego suspense (leave that to Hollywood!) and deliver the most important message right away. And try to communicate it in a way that piques their interest!

Are you ready to create your whiteboard video? —

Let's call it a day! Whiteboard animations are great for educating your audience because they help communicate messages and are visually appealing.

You're now ready to start making your whiteboard animation videos. Get your markers ready and start scribbling! If you feel stuck at any point regarding whiteboard animation production, remember that Scribe Bunny is just a call away from you to resolve the problem at hand.