Is Hotdesking the Way Forward in 2022?

Hot desking is more popular than ever in 2022. The rise of remote and flexible work has made hot desking an attractive proposition, especially as businesses seek to cut costs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re considering hot desking, here are some of the biggest advantages.

#1 It’s cheaper

Price is perhaps the biggest motivator that draws businesses towards the hot desking solution. A traditional workplace is extremely cost inefficient. Employees are given a specific desk to work at, which goes unused when they aren’t in the office. No desk goes unused in a hot desking office, which means that businesses can scale down and optimize their space. Economy of space and economy of cost go hand in hand, and hot desking is an easy solution for both.

#2 It’s more flexible

The pandemic changed the way that we live and work, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the office. Remote work dominated, and many employees moved to their home offices. Although people are slowly returning to workplaces, remote work is here to stay, likely in a more flexible, hybrid form. Hot desking facilitates the hybrid office by ensuring that employees will always be able to come into work when they need to but that their desks won’t lie dormant and unused when they’re working remotely. 

#3 It fosters a friendlier workplace

Many employers seek out the hot desking solutions offered by companies like because they’re looking for a more innovative kind of office space. Friendliness is one of the more often overlooked advantages of hot desking. Employees in traditional offices remain rooted to their desks, whereas hot desking means moving around. This means meeting new staff, talking to people that you wouldn’t normally encounter, and fostering relationships. All of this makes for a friendlier working environment, increasing productivity.

#4 It’s excellent for collaboration

Following on from the previous point, the dynamic nature of a hot desking office makes it much easier for employees to collaborate. The lively atmosphere of a hot desk office, where employees move around on a day-to-day basis, encourages communication and creative exchange. This makes it much easier to hold ad hoc meetings and problem solve. Combine this with easy remote work, and employers often find that hot desking offices mean a network of employees communicating seamlessly in the office and beyond. 

#5 A tidier workplace

While employees might feel inclined to let mess build up on their own desks, they’re much more likely to tidy a desk that somebody else will be using. Since hot desking means that the entire office space is communal, employees won’t leave personal belongings and rubbish behind when they leave. Office spaces like this tend to have a much more minimalistic, organized feel, which more than makes up for the fact that employees can’t personalize their desks as they might do elsewhere. This, of course, makes for a more efficient space, and it also has tangible mental health benefits.