Best Ways to Use Paid Media to Grow Your Online Audience

As the world turns more digital each day, there’s little room for businesses to not follow suit if they are looking to grow, and even in some cases keep the audience and customer base that they already have.

Even when customers, potential and already loyal, aren’t at home they are often never far away from the quiet moment that is pulling up their favorite social media on their phones and spending a few seconds, or minutes, scrolling. 

A certain way to take advantage of that is through paid media. For those that aren’t familiar, this has been a proven way to increase traffic and here are some of the ways to get started on having it work for you. 

Bring In Content Creators

Most folks don’t appreciate feeling like they are being constantly advertised to and having those ads interrupt what they are already doing. No matter what type of business or service your company is, odds are very good that it's an online community pretty directly related to what it is. 

No matter how niche, when people from all over the world can come together on something, a large group can still form into a community all it’s own. Browse around any social media and find those with a lot of activity and the following to match it. Offer to build a relationship with the influencers where in exchange for a post, they can receive free products or direct payments. 

Offer Products For Reviews

More and more of us are living more online as each day passes and getting away from what was once traditional media staples, such as radio and cable television. This allows end users to live in a content bubble that’s extremely catered to what they search online. 

This often results in more and more purchases made online and more online research done before those purchases are made. Content creators are more than happy to have a new product to review as it’s another way for them to interact with their followers. 

Spending a little time on somewhere like YouTube and then figuring out who to contact for a sponsored review can make for a giant uptick in sales for your business. 

Include Customer Reviews

As discussed here, more and more people are turning to those they feel like they can trust online for which products to buy instead of simply going by what the packaging says or what a service promises to offer. When not looking to an influencer they can trust, people still will want to hear from the perspective of someone like themselves. 

If you start to include quotes from direct customer reviews as part of your paid media plan, that will provide a layer of authenticity that might be hard to take seriously directly from the business themselves. 

Including customers in this part of the process also will allow customers to feel like they are part of the brand building process and many would love the chance for their own review to be featured, increasing the likelihood of a review being left in the first place.