Pyrl - The First Purchase Privacy Platform

With consumer mistrust of businesses and institutions at an all-time high and data privacy regulations in many states stuck in negotiations, consumers need a new way to take back control of their most valuable data and restore trusted relationships. 

Enter Pyrl, “The First Purchase Privacy Platform”. Founded by serial entrepreneur Adam Newman, Pyrl is on a mission to help consumers retain both the privacy and usage of their own purchase information. 

Pyrl lets users tell all their retailers & brands to keep purchase data private and to make it accessible to the consumer, enabling consumers for the first time to see, use, and benefit from their purchase data in one place. Users can also choose to grant privacy-complying companies the right to engage with them on the platform, giving users exclusive relationships only with trustworthy brands. 

The idea behind Pyrl was sparked when Newman lost his father to cancer. He began researching why consumers have no way to see the product purchases they have made that could affect a family’s health over time. Realizing the heart of the issue is basic data privacy and access rights, he is now developing the world’s first purchase privacy platform. 

The information about what we purchase as consumers paints an intimate portrait of our interests, habits, and lives, and holds immense value to our wallets, health and privacy. Newman believes, “Like a pearl, our data is precious and valuable. It should be protected in a shell that only we can decide to open to others.” 

Pyrl received pre-seed funding from and the founders of several venture-backed companies with exits or IPOs. At a time when privacy issues and mistrust are peaking, Pyrl’s solution uniquely creates a win-win, restoring the power of consumers over their own information and creating direct, trusted relationships between consumers and companies they buy from. 

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