Choosing the Best Access Control System for Your Company

When it comes to choosing the best access control system for your company, knowledge and information are power. Knowing the different types of control systems while keeping in mind the level of security you need is critical for selecting the one that best fits your needs for business security - check out more info on that here. That's why this article will inform you of the different forms of access control systems and what they can do for you.

Key Cards vs. Codes vs. Biometrics

When it comes to your control system, there are a few different ways you can give someone access. Each method each varies in security level, with an access card being the lowest form. Unfortunately, while it can keep your business safe, a key card is the easiest to lose and the easiest for someone to get ahold of.

A code is a step above, as it is more difficult for unwanted people to find and use. However, it comes down to trusting your employees to keep it safe and not write it down or tell others. If that isn't an option, a biometric system is best for those who need an intense form of security, as it will only allow access if provided the correct fingerprint, retina, or facial scan.

Computer-Based Access Control vs. Standalone Access Control

Standalone access control systems are best for smaller companies as each individual unit will operate its own door. While it may provide more security, you'll need to set up your key card or biometric for every unit and repeat the process if you want to alter it.

Computer-based access control systems are more difficult to install but are controlled at a hub and control doors through a wireless network. These systems can also record who entered and at what time, making them a good fit for larger facilities with many access points, like hospitals.

Hardwired Control System vs. Wireless Control Systems

A hardwired access control system connects all the components of the system together and doesn't rely on a network to function. However, due to the amount of wiring, it's easiest to install them in a new building rather than retrofitting the system into an older building, as this will require more demolition and construction.

A wireless access control system relies on a strong internet connection to function. While these are easier to install in an older building, their digital infrastructure is complicated and has a limited range between mechanisms.

Wireless access control systems can be monitored on almost any wireless device, while hardwired control systems function on a central access hub.

Now that you know how to choose the best access control system for your company, contact an installer today so they can give you and your company peace of mind.