Online Privacy: Simple Ways To Protect Your Digital Identity

In today’s tech-driven society, we can’t help but keep most of our data online. Having access to all the necessary information right at our fingertips is a fantastic benefit that no humans before us have had. However, it can also cause significant concern that nearly anyone can view our personal information. Here are some simple ways to protect your digital identity to help mitigate these worries.

Search Engine

Have you ever noticed that you start to see ads everywhere on your phone relating to something you have searched for? This is because some search engines track and collect your search data, history, and clicks to provide you with personalized ads. Many people find it shocking and invasive to see ads relating to a completely random search they did hours ago. To avoid this tracking and protect your privacy, you can opt for anonymous search engines that don’t collect your data.


Adding physical modifications to your technological devices is a simple way to protect your digital identity. Many hackers and even some third-party apps can access your device’s camera and microphone. The thought of this happening is scary, especially if you often have confidential conversations. That is why installing modifications like a microphone blocker or camera cover can bring you peace of mind knowing that no one is listening or viewing you without your knowledge.

Limit Sharing

Whenever you make a new profile on the latest popular social media app, it’s second nature to share all your valuable information. For example, apps may ask for your date of birth, full name, and random questions, like your high school symbol. This is information that hackers can use to access your personal accounts.

Moreover, when making your new profile, they are usually automatically made public, meaning anyone in the world can see you. To avoid anyone having easy viewing of you and your personal data, consider making your profiles private and limiting the amount of info you give out online.