Top Tips To Help You Prevent Warping in Your 3D Prints

You probably know how frustrating warping is if you routinely print with materials like ABS and HIPS. An unattractive mistake occurs when a portion of the model bulges or warps. In the worst-case scenario, the print comes totally off the bed. Warping can quickly sabotage a print, especially the vital parts where accuracy is critical. Models with a broad contact surface on the print bed are the most frequently affected. Here are the top tips to help you prevent warping in your 3D prints.

Use a Heated Bed

A heated print bed keeps the printed model evenly warm during the printing process by balancing the model’s temperature. It also ensures improved bed adherence to prevent collapse. The bed temperature should be just below the filament softening point. The higher the bed temperature, the smaller the temperature difference between the individual filament layers and subsequent warping. However, you must be careful not to overheat the heating bed, as this can result in deformation of the model and enhancement of the warp effect.

Print in an Enclosed Print Chamber

During the printing process, the temperature inside the model is kept constant via a closed housing. When printing in a heated chamber, make sure the doors are locked so that the heat within does not escape.

Choose the Right Location for Your 3D Printer

Ideally, your 3D printer is in an area with no drafts. You should keep windows and doors closed tightly to manage the indoor temperature.

Turn Off the Material Fan for the First Few Layers

While the first layers of the model are printing, you can switch off or slow down the fan to prevent the bottom layers from getting disconnected from the build bed. Remember that the heated filament must solidify quickly enough to ensure exact layer placement.

Use High-Quality Filament

For successful 3D printing, you should know how to choose the best filaments, and always follow the material-specific application guidelines. You can only achieve a beautiful print when you use high-quality filaments correctly.

By following these top tips to help you prevent warping in your 3D prints, you will have sturdy, superb-looking prints!