How Is Technology Changing the Packaging Industry?

Technology allows professionals in all sectors to upgrade their practices. In particular, technology is changing the packaging industry in so many exciting ways. 

From automated processes to advancements in sustainability, the packaging sector is experiencing a major glow-up. Since virtually all businesses use packing and shipping techniques, these improvements affect everyone. Read on to explore new innovations in packaging technology so that you can implement new tactics in your own operations. 

Product Tracking 

Innovations in product-tracking software benefits customers and businesses alike. Whether you’re a company waiting on materials or a consumer expecting a delivery, product-tracking technology allows people to directly observe changes in the supply chain. 

Product tracking also allows professionals to identify counterfeit products and remove them from the market. By using QR codes and cloud computing, businesses can verify authentic items. This development prevents customers from wasting money on fraudulent things. 

Improved Efficiency 

One of the most effective ways technology is changing the packaging industry is through automation. Automatic software and machines improve efficiency, cut costs, and allow businesses to focus on more “big picture” ideas.

For example, manual case packing is an annoying yet common packaging bottleneck that many experiences. Automated case packets reduce packing times by streamlining the process and removing human errors. 

Sustainable Materials 

The packaging industry contributes so much to our global waste problem. Plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard products fill up landfills and take years, if not decades, to decompose. 

Pioneers pushing for sustainability have developed unique ways to combat the growing trash issue. From compostable seaweed packaging products to corn-based lamination materials, various startups have made it their mission to tackle waste in this industry. 

Customized Packaging 

Of course, how something looks has a massive influence on consumer demand. Packaging plays an enormous role in marketing. Businesses can design engaging boxes with innovative packaging technology to keep people interested. 

3D printers and accessible design software open countless doors for businesses to flex their creativity. These kinds of developments will revolutionize branding and allow companies to produce customized packages that speak to their core values. 

Ultimately, the future of packaging is a bright and exciting one. As the packaging industry continues to embrace change, others are sure to follow suit.