What Do I Need for a Fax Machine To Work

The fax machine has remained in use for decades, and people still rely on them to send important documents and messages. Much like many other machines, you need specific pieces to operate it. These cables and other items are necessary for the fax machine to work and send or receive anything.

Power Cord

You need the power cord if you want the fax machine to work. Most fax machines have a detachable cord that you may store in another location when moving the machine. The power cord is usually more durable with a protective jacket that defends against water and most heat damage. These features are necessary because there’s lots of energy going into this machine. 

Not all power cords for fax machines are the same, but most have three prongs on end. Find the right one for your brand of fax machine, and make sure you test the cable to ensure it functions properly.

Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges allow the fax machine to print the material it receives from another fax machine. The documents or messages it gets will still come through without them, but it’ll print blank pages. If the ink is close to running out, an alert will appear on the fax machine’s screen. Make sure you change the cartridge out soon so that you don’t miss any critical information sent to you.


A phone line cord is necessary for the fax machine to work and connect to the phone network that allows it to send and receive documents and messages. Phoneline ports are in most buildings and on the back of the fax machine near the port for the power cord. Ensure your phone line has extra length to leave some slack in the cable when connected. If your fax machine tips over, you won’t have to worry about the cord ripping out suddenly and damaging the machine.


The fax machine won’t print without paper loaded into the feeder. Any copy paper will work as long as it fits into the feeder without folds or bends. The paper must be straight and laid out properly in the feeder so that the machine doesn’t jam when printing a document.

A fax machine is a helpful form of machinery for your place of business. It’s also great to have if you need to send information to companies. A fax machine requires various essential components to operate, so ensure you have all that equipment before using it.