[Product Overview] Novtech 12W Power Adapter Dual Port Plug

Charging can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you’re handling two or more phones. You want your phones to remain on full batteries and expect fast charging. At the same time, you don’t want to wait for either phone to charge, so you may probably carry two chargers.

Well, all these hassles can be eliminated with a dual port plug adapter that allows you to charge multiple phones at the same time while maintaining excellent charging speed.

Now, when you talk about that, you cannot miss out on the Novtech 12W Power Adapter Dual Port Plug, which has two charging ports, making it easier for you to charge your phones simultaneously and at a fast speed.

Let’s get into the key features of this product so that you can more easily understand what it does and why it will be a fantastic purchase for your phone accessories.

Key Features of Novtech 12W Power Adapter Dual Port Plug -

Novtech Adapter has all the advanced features that make it ideal for your new-age and modern mobile charging requirements.

Here are all the key features of this power adapter:

Dual Port Lightning Charger

The charger comes with two ports for charging and two USB cables. You can charge two different phones at once and make sure that both your phones remain charged at all times without making you wait or raising a need to carry two chargers.

Built-in Intelligent Chip

The power adapter comes with a built-in intelligent chip that automatically judges the current and power required by each of your devices and disperses it accordingly so that the phones are charged quickly without any damage whatsoever to the phone batteries.

Data Transferring

Not only can you use the lightning cables for fast charging through the power adapter, but the cables also come in handy to meet your data transfer needs. You can easily connect your phones with one another and transfer your data quickly with the high-speed lightning cables that come with the power adapter.

Excellent Compatibility

You’ll never face compatibility issues with this Novtech power adapter and lightning cable. The adapter and cables are both compatible with multiple iPhone models, and you can easily and quickly charge any of your iOS devices using the adapter and the cables that come with it. You can even use an alternative cable for charging any other phone model you might have.

Excellent Support

You will never be hung up with any technical issue or problem that you might face with the charger. For any issue you encounter with the Novtech power adapter for your iOS devices, you can get in touch with the Novtech technical support team, who will resolve your issue or query in no time.

With all these features, Novtech Power Adapter is an excellent solution to any charging issues you’re facing with your iOS devices. Be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Novtech Power Adapter can charge all devices quickly while dispersing the current intelligibly.

So, get the adapter and make sure all your devices remain on their full batteries without you having to go through any struggles related to the charger.

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