[Product Overview] Quntis Screen Light Bar

Have you ever had to work in dim light conditions straining your eyes because you can clearly look at your screen? Or has it happened that your table lamp didn’t ignite your screen appropriately, thus hindering your work or even a leisurely reading of a good book on your computer screen?

Well, the problem of working in dim light conditions or improper light conditions is very common. However, a screen light bar can eliminate all such issues.

Since we’re talking about that, we cannot miss the Quntis Screen Light Bar, which is an excellent product to eliminate all your issues with lighting as you work on your computer.

The Quntis Screen Light Bar is a monitor lamp that you can easily attach to your screen so that it directly focuses light on the screen without causing any glare or reflection and saving you from the extra strain that you’ve been giving your eyes due to improper light.

Let’s get into more details about the product by looking at the key features of this screen light bar.

Features of Quntis Screen Light Bar -

Quntis Screen Light Bar comes with advanced features that make it an ideal product for illuminating your desk with proper lights that create a suitable working environment.

Here are all the features of the Quntis Screen Light Bar:

No Screen Glare

Screen glare is a common problem with lights. The reflection that they cause makes it difficult to see the screen clearly. Quntis computer monitor light bar has a unique asymmetrical optical design that illuminates only your desk and keyboard while ensuring no reflected glare on the screen.

Blue Light Filter

Blue lights coming from computer screens cause excessive strain on the eyes. This monitor light bar has a blue light filter that provides strong protection against the strain caused on the eyes and ensures that you’re able to work comfortably and conveniently. 

Manual and Automatic Adjustments

Whether you want to adjust the brightness or make settings for the lights and dimming effects, you can easily do it manually with the sensitive touch control system. Alternatively, the automatic sensors in the light screen bar judge the surroundings and automatically dim the lights to a correct degree, thereby making it easier to set up and manage the settings. The memory function also remembers your settings. Therefore managing the light screen bar is super easy.

Advanced Design

The light screen bar has an advanced design. It comes with a mounting clip so that you can clip the bar to the screen, saving a lot of space on your desk. Due to mounting on the screen, the light effect is also great as it directly illuminates the screen and keyboard, which are the main areas of your working on the computer.

With all these features, Quntis Monitor Light Bar will be a great addition to your desk, especially when you’re struggling through bad lighting around your workspace. What’s more is you can take it at a 10% discount using the discount code UBAA7TNT.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the product now till the discount lasts!