Signs You Should Update Your Video Production Equipment

Having your go-to video production gear ready is always great because you know how to make the most of it when filming. Despite this convenience, you must always keep an eye out for the signs you should update your video production equipment. If you’re unaware of the most common signs, then you should read on to learn about them here. 

Inconsistent Performance

A benefit of working with high-quality video production gear is its performance consistency. Great gear should function well on every shoot if you treat it carefully on and off the set. If you’re noticing a reduced performance in any piece of hardware, you should invest in an upgrade so that you can bring consistency back to your set.

For instance, is your tripod less stable than before? Are you having constant technical problems with your camera focus? These are only some of the issues you may encounter on set, and sometimes you can troubleshoot your way out of the situation. However, if the equipment is officially unrepairable, it’s time to update to a newer, better model. 

Outdated Technology 

Just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s better than the previous models. Likewise, something new isn’t automatically better than your current equipment; your specific needs and application matter. For instance, you must consider critical details when buying a PTZ camera to ensure it’s the camera type worth using for your production.

That said, another reason to update production hardware is that newer innovations in the industry exist. Evolving your hardware with the times ensures you can keep your footage looking professional and engaging. For example, if you host video game live streams, you must stream high-quality videos so that your audience can fully enjoy the game’s technical presentation. If you’re streaming the game in anything less than HD, your stream will appear dated. Keep your ear to the ground of the video production industry and when an innovation proves its value, then consider updating your equipment inventory to match. 

New Requirements 

One of the most exciting signs you should update your video production equipment is that you have an upcoming shoot that demands something unique from your team. This is an exciting moment for many because it gives you the chance to step outside of your creative comfort zone to try something new. 

For instance, maybe you’re buying new lights to create a specific mood or new stabilization gear for unique shot compositions. Whatever the reason, if your inventory can’t successfully support the task at hand, explore the professional-grade options online. Then, you can start updating your inventory and, thus, your capability to complete quality work in the field.