Tips to Get Investors for Mobile App Startups in The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

In the ever-changing UAE, a mobile app business must traverse a broad and flourishing ecosystem to get financing. Entrepreneurs might find plenty of room to innovate and shake up established businesses in the United Arab Emirates, which has one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

Startups and investors have flocked to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to its advantageous location, business-friendly atmosphere, and government backing for innovation and technology. Due to factors such as shifting consumer habits, digital transformation efforts, and the proliferation of smartphones, the UAE mobile app industry has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Apps for mobile devices are opening up new markets in many different industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and transportation. Fundable estimates 268,100 US angel investors. About $20 billion is invested in 60,000 enterprises annually (fundable).

This article will discuss successful methods UAE-based mobile app businesses may use to entice investors. This guide will help you position your mobile app company for success in the UAE market by providing practical mobile app ideas on establishing a compelling business strategy, showcasing unique features, building a strong team, and using government backing. You will also learn how to negotiate the funding environment.

Who are Mobile App Investors?

Investors in mobile apps may be either people or groups who put money into the industry to help build and expand mobile apps. They are on the lookout for startups, potential app concepts, or existing businesses needing funding to build, improve, or expand their app offerings.

Many other mobile app investors are interested in getting in on the mobile app business, including VCs, angel investors, private equity companies, and corporations. Working with mobile app developers with the technical know-how to create, design, and manage mobile applications can help entrepreneurs bring their app ideas to life. By partnering with these specialists, entrepreneurs can realize their vision and attract investors for their mobile app firms.

Investor Recommendations for Mobile App Startups

#1. Plan Your Company Outline Thoroughly

Attracting investors to your mobile app company requires a well-crafted business strategy. You need to make sure that your app's value proposition, target market, revenue model, and growth strategies for mobile app startups are all clearly outlined in your business plan. 

A realistic evaluation of the competitive environment and its obstacles should also be included. You should also show that your mobile app company can scale and make money in your business plan's financial predictions.

#2. Draw Attention to Business Opportunities

Investors tend to get attracted to startups that offer solutions to big unmet needs in the market. In your pitch, inform investors what size of a problem your software solves and how your product fits into the solution of that problem.

Provide evidence and market research that your app is needed. Highlight any novelties or alterations in the market that indicate a growing demand for your product. The growth potential in the industry is one of the ways to persuade investors to back your mobile app firm.

#3. Emphasize on Your Unique Qualities

There is a huge competition in the app business, so your mobile app development services ought to be unique. Reflect on the unique characteristics and advantages that make your app different from others.

Make sure everyone understands what differentiates your application in the market, whether it is state-of-the-art features, outstanding user experience, or a specific target market you are trying to reach. The kind of startups that offer consumers something very innovative and thrilling are the ones most likely to get funding.

#4. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The chances of getting investment for your venture are higher when you have either a minimum viable product (MVP) or a functional prototype. Your mobile app operation could be demonstrated to investors via a prototype.

It demonstrates that you are dedicated to developing your software and have a strategy on how to introduce it. The thoughts of early users may fine-tune your app idea and product plan.

#5. Build a Sound Team

The human factor is as crucial as the idea of investment. If you have managed to put together a strong team with the right skills and experience, investors will be interested in your mobile app business.

Focus on the technical knowledge, startup experience, and industry experience of your team members. You are talented and able to successfully navigate through obstacles, so you should prove to investors that you can do it.

#6. Build Relationships with Investors and Experts in The Field

One of the most important parts of obtaining money for a mobile app business is networking. Get your name out there by participating in startup contests, attending industry events, and joining networking forums to meet other experts and investors. Use internet platforms and social media to connect with investors and create connections.

Take the initiative to meet with potential investors and ask for referrals so you may pitch your mobile app. Opportunities for investment and strategic alliances might present themselves when one has a robust network. Friends and family invest $60 billion in businesses annually, funding 38% of them (VentureBeat).

#7. Utilize Federal Funds and Other Incentives

The United Arab Emirates government possesses several initiatives and programs that support innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn about the various programs, grants, and accelerators implemented by the government that provide financing and support to digital entrepreneurs.

Such channels offer funding, mentoring, as well as networking opportunities, and make use of them. Participating in government-supported initiatives will increase your visibility and reputation among investors.

#8. Demonstrate Progress and Significant Achievements

Having achieved significant milestones and demonstrated traction makes it much more favorable for investors to invest in a company. Prove the potential of your mobile app through a demonstration of user engagement, customer acquisition, revenue growth, or collaborations.

Identify focus points and statistics that illustrate the distance that you have covered. Displaying traction reduces the risk perception of your company and inspires trust in the investors.

#9. Demonstrate Transparency and React Fast

Transparency and prompt communication are crucial in dealing with investors. Be open and honest about the opportunities and threats that your mobile app business may come across.

Inform investors of progress and milestones through continuous updates and reports. Be fast in answering questions and comments of the investor to demonstrate that you are ready for profitable cooperation. Trust and credibility with investors are what one needs to get their support.

#10. Personalize Your Investor Pitch

Think about the investors’ interests, preferences, and investment criteria when developing your proposal by researching possible investors’ investment horizons, industry knowledge, and investment stage preferences. Ensure that your submission for the funding request of the mobile app company addresses the investor’s objectives and preferences. Your pitch will be accepted better by potential investors if you personalize your presentation to their requirements and interests.


A good strategy, that emphasizes your value proposition, market opportunity, differentiation, and development, is key to attracting investors for your mobile app startup in UAE.

Startups in the UAE have a better chance of getting funding if they follow these steps: develop an attractive business plan, feature uniqueness, build a powerful team, communicate with potential investors, use government aid, show traction, and customize their pitch. You can attract investors and make your mobile app idea a reality when you use the right approach, hire mobile app developer in UAE outsource from India, stick with it, and remain determined.