How Real Estate Startups are Using Technology to Become More Efficient

The explosive growth in technology and the mark of social distancing sent a strong signal that the real estate will never be the same again. The emergence of unprecedented innovations has intentionally or unintentionally changed the face of the real estate industry forever. Words like augmented reality, big data, predictive analytics, are now becoming the standard in real estate. Not only investors, but you and your agents can leverage its potential to beat the best in the marketplace. 

Let’s explore the technologies that are leading the way in the real estate marketplace. 

1. Integrate Advanced yet Affordable CRM 

The real estate industry is becoming highly competitive. All the forward-thinking real estate companies are looking for diverse ways to serve their clients seamlessly. A reliable real estate software company offers you an end-to-end CRM platform that can become a turnkey solution for your real estate business. Features like lead capturing, lead distribution, lead prioritization, lead tracking, marketing automation, and reporting, make your task simpler than before. With a CRM in a place,

  • You can ensure zero lead leakage 
  • You can respond faster to customer inquiries 
  • You can increase efficiency and boost productivity   
  • You can retain more customers
  • You can integrate multiple channels 

2. Real Estate Mobile App Development 

A custom-built real estate mobile app helps both investors and realtors to streamlines the way the real estate industry works. Besides offering general information about the properties, you can use a mobile app to send personalized discounts and special offers to your clients. Also, you can close deals much faster when you can stay in touch with your customers 24*7. It becomes a common platform for buyers and sellers to connect and clear doubts that help them to make final decisions quickly. Leveraging the potential of mobile apps, you can include various technologies like,

Augmented Reality (AR) – An experienced mobile app development company integrates AR in your app that allows your prospective clients to narrow down the list of properties without even visiting all of them. It gives a more personalized and immersive experience to your clients by enabling them to visualize their homes. It will make your customers more interested and involved in your business.

Big Data Analytics – The traditional statistical tools in real estate had limitations in resolving current issues. With big data tools, you can garner, summarize, aggregate, and analyze the information to perform certain functionalities of your real estate business. Using predictive and sentiment analysis, you can offer customized and filtered property results to your clients. Moreover, it helps you to understand your customers in a better way and help you respond to them accordingly and wisely.

Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise – The utilization of AI not only streamlines operational tasks but also change the way you think and respond to your decisions. With AI, you can access thousands of data points like potential economic value, property characteristics, probability of natural disasters, etc.  It is the best way to know the net worth of the property before investing in it. 

The market is evolving faster nowadays. Property managers should be aware of the great opportunities possessed by data analysis and technologies. Moreover, AI-enabled apps help you improve lead generation by delivering personalized content directly to your leads.

Mobile Application - Mobile real estate apps and agent websites are becoming increasingly popular as a means of searching for the right house, so those who are professionally engaged in this sector and are looking to grow their company should first understand the demand and look out for the latest trends in mobile app tech real estate.

3. Stay on the Top with Real Estate Automation 

Automation is the best way for agents to grow their businesses. With marketing automation software, every lead gets funneled to an appropriate follow-up sequence that also contains reminders for the agent on time. 

Real estate requires a lot of negotiation, face time with clients, and home inspections. The entire process is labor-intensive. Through the use of automated technology, you can deliver e-mail, reminders, and text messages to interested leads on the go. 

We are steadily moving towards a time of full digitization. Now, the immense pile of paper in a property manager’s life is not necessary.  With automation, you not only eliminate the stress but also avoid common errors in the documentation. 

Having everything at the place makes it easier for you to manage all your tasks seamlessly. In doing so, you can increase revenue and profits. 


If you own a real estate business, it is a mandate for you to go digital now to achieve better outcomes. Embracing the technology, your agents will become more efficient which ultimately leads to growing profits. All you need to find a suitable real estate software development company that can guide you throughout the process and help you achieve your goals instantly. However, selecting the right company can be a tedious task. So, you can look for a few factors like portfolio, years of experience, team size, and hourly rates that can affect your decision-making skills, and you can make your investment worth.