Enticing Strategies To Implement During Ecommerce App Development To Boost Sales

You are still buying products from the marketplace, except that you aren’t visiting them in-person. Yes, it is the ecommerce apps that we’re talking about. It is hard to ignore ecommerce apps during shopping. While a few have them to check product prices, many enjoy the luxury of accessing numerous vendors, identifying the best-suited products, and buying them seamlessly. B2C apps like Amazon, Walmart, etc. have set the standard and tone, making ecommerce apps an integral part of people’s lives. 

Amid the neck-to-neck competition out there, how can an ecommerce app stand out? With COVID-19 enhancing user traffic towards the sector, how can a budding platform gain customers’ trust? If you’re an entrepreneur bearing these questions in mind and have a burning desire to build an ecommerce empire, this blog provides enticing strategies to help you do so. 

We’ll look at the list of strategies to implement during ecommerce app development that can help you gain a critical advantage over your rivals. 

The need for a mobile app for ecommerce 

An ecommerce website has forever been a trend among entrepreneurs. They did not worry about having a specific app. But with advancements in technology, there are apps for almost any service nowadays. Having a mobile app can boost traffic and sales in numerous ways. 

According to recent research, an average smartphone user checks his/her 150 times a day. Besides, smartphone apps consume 90% of users’ time on smartphones. These crazy stats can be a boon to emerging ecommerce startups as they can boost their brand visibility. Similarly, 70% of companies feel they have transformed their businesses to reach out to customers via mobile apps. 

Smartphones are becoming a one-stop destination for customers. With this paradigm shift, do not hesitate to roll out an ecommerce application. 

Let’s look at some enticing strategies worth implementing during development here:

#1 Identify your target audience 

Having a straightforward approach of what you’re going to introduce and whom the app will benefit is mandatory to not lose vision during development. Visualize your buyer persona using the app and implement those features and functionalities to enhance their app experience. 

If you wish to have any chance of sustaining in this crowded online marketplace, focus and streamline your activities to satisfy the target audience. 

#2 User engagement is vital 

Once you have identified and reached out to your target audience, the next step involves engaging them with the app. Creating a visual appeal through the app design can be the prima facie reason for a successful app. 

An easy-to-use app, enabling users to navigate seamlessly, can provide an all-round experience. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to propel personalization can enhance user engagement rates to a whole new level. 

Hire a dedicated team of graphic designers to work on your app’s UI/UX. This way, you can ensure that you eliminate complexity in design. Your app’s design is user-friendly only if a newbie gets to understand the navigation through the app. 

#3 Harnessing the latest technology for improvement 

Technology is making it convenient for both service providers and customers to establish a connection with one another. AI-enabled systems are one classic example of making the right use of technology. 

Incorporating chatbots can help first-time users to interact with a virtual assistant to place orders. This way, they can shop products by messaging with a bot rather than strolling past a sea of products. 

Augmented reality isn’t a distant dream nowadays. With promising advancements in this technology, product visualization becomes a piece of cake. Trying out products using AR-enabled tech systems can improve user experience and engagement rates substantially. Ensure that you integrate these tech standards after discussing it with your ecommerce app development company. 

#4 Click and Collect approach can come in handy amid COVID-19 

This Buy Online & Pick Up in Store (BOPUS) approach isn’t a relatively new concept but can prove critical amid this pandemic situation. The intervention of delivery workers into the ecosystem can lead to higher chances of disease contraction. As a result, customers are hesitating to order via ecommerce sites. To avoid such a scenario, you can enable customers to shop online and self-pickup their orders from nearby stores. 

This way, customers have an added advantage as well. They get to check the quality of products in-person before paying for them. Introducing this click and collect approach in your ecommerce app can be a trend-setter. 

#5 Ensure safety through COVID-19 strategy add-ons 

Amid the pandemic situation, people are inclining towards the online medium for almost every service. Ecommerce platforms are experiencing a massive demand in order rates. However, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to ensure safety throughout the community. Some of the COVID-19 strategies worth implementing in the ecommerce app development solution include,

Safety ratings and reviews - Enable your customers to rate and review the quality of products, professionalism of delivery executives, etc. This way, you can easily find those vendors and delivery workers who aren’t abiding by the community safety guidelines. 

Face mask recognition software - Ensuring if delivery workers are abiding by regulations is a tedious task. Having a face mask recognition software makes the whole process easier. The software lets only those service providers who wear face masks to provide delivery services. 

Zero-contact deliveries & payments - Avoiding any form of physical contact with the external environment is crucial in curbing disease spread. Instruct your delivery workers to adopt contactless delivery options, wherein they drop user orders in front of their homes. Similarly, encourage users to pay via digital modes of payment rather than transacting via cash. 


Among the top-grossing and the most popular app categories, ecommerce apps will inevitably find a place. The trillion-dollar ecommerce market can house potential competitors who aim to provide a best-in-class shopping experience to customers. These practical strategies can turn the wind towards your ecommerce app, paving the way for enhanced visibility and profits. 

All you need is a seasoned team of ecommerce app developers by your side. Reach out to a well-reputed company, implement these key tactics, and witness a surge in sales.