Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone

Can we imagine our everyday lives without smartphones now? Obviously, no. Not at all! That’s because it has completely taken over major aspects of our lives. We use them for making calls, communicating to faraway places, taking pictures, creating and saving documents on the cloud, internet browsing and endlessly more options. 

So by the time we are convinced about the importance of smartphones, the real problem gets in when we have to pick from a wide trove of smartphones available in the market. We ask ourselves “how to buy a phone” or “how do I transfer everything from my old phone to the new one”. As it is consistently intense choosing the one that may suit our needs best. 

Here is a list of things you ought to consider before buying a new smartphone.

1. The Build: The Better the Durable

The quality and the material of the build is directly proportional to the durability of a cell phone. The whole smartphone market is segregated into two kinds of builds - metal and plastic. 

There are some that even have glass-coated panels, yet those are limited. If you are one of those inclined to dropping your new smartphone, it’s better to go for a metal or a plastic-coated handset. These can continue drops from 2-3 feet, while glass-based handsets make certain to break as they drop from your hands. So, choose wisely as per your usage.

2. The Display: Usage & Splurge

If you’re like most of the millennials, you would definitely like to spend a whole lot of time watching movies, surfing the internet or editing photos or videos on your smartphone or on the other hand, as an average user, you’ll use the smartphone for checking emails, chatting, etc make sure to choose a display size not less than 5.5-inch to 6-inch with Full-HD or Quad HD resolution. That would be good enough to keep you sane during the day and outdoor usage. 

Anything larger than a 6-inch display not just makes the handset extra bulky, but also difficult to carry around. If you still inveigle bigger displays while buying a new phone, jot down your objective to buy a new cell phone, daily usage, budget, screen size and resolution and then set about making a decision. 

3. The Storage: The More the Merrier

A phone’s internal storage is the third most important factor to consider when buying a phone. Most smartphones come up with pre-installed apps that take away a lot of space. And what the device states about its internal storage does not mean the same. So, we recommend opting for a minimum of 3GB RAM and 32GB storage variants. Furthermore, you can also choose 64GB or 128GB models depending upon your usage requirements. 

Not to mention that you can also take advantage of cloud storage services to save space on your device. Moreover, there are also options of “Micro SD” card slots on some Android phones that help boost the storage capacity. 

4. The Battery: ‘Cause Battery Life is a Game-Changer

It goes without saying that the battery life can make or break a smartphone. A great smartphone does not only mean a phone with high mAh, instead, this includes an amalgamation of latest processors, display refresh rates, and quick charging technology that deliver optimal performance of a device.

So, do not get fooled by the tech specs and look out for reviews and benchmark results from the users of the smartphone that you’re interested to buy. 

Preferably buy a new phone with a standard 4000mAh battery, that would not disappoint you throughout the day. After all, who would want their phones plugged to the chargers forever? No one!!

5. The Price: Price-Performance Ratio

Last on the rundown, however presumably the primary factor to consider if you have a limited budget and also if you do not want to splurge, it is unquestionably the price of a smartphone. What would you like to spend to buy your new phone? Define your budget, compare and analyze competitors’ devices in the same price range and then the final decision is yours. 

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The Rest

That’s what this list is all about. We hope that you might have shortlisted a few important factors to consider before buying a new phone by now or down the road. Better to be aware of your needs and then ask yourself a couple of questions too such as does it have stereo speakers? Does it support wireless charging? Will it have a headphone jack? Does it have a 5G network support?