Get Into A Positive Mindset Before Your Remote Job With These 5 Strategies

Positivity thinking is one of the best habits most successful people consider a requirement in facing their day-to-day life. If you convince and mentally condition yourself to radiate positivity, only then will you be able to have the willpower in doing what it is you need to do and become better at it. When you train your mind and modify your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to accept indifferences in mental state, thought processes, and tendencies, you can optimize your personal outlook and therefore maximize your productivity and performance.

According to the Mayo Clinic (2020), positive thinking also greatly affects our overall health and wellbeing. As a matter of fact, it can:

        Increase our life expectancy

        Lower our risks for depression

        Lower our stress levels

        Form great resistance to the common cold

        Make us have better physical and psychological well being

        Reduce our risk for cardiovascular diseases

        Better our coping skills in times of stress and hardships.

These benefits are great to have especially when your remote job can get physically and mentally demanding at times. Even if you are already accustomed to the telecommuting work setup, it is quite undeniable that there are days when you just want to wave the white flag even for a short while. Lucky for you, we have cited a few strategies that can help you achieve positive mindfulness before you start your eight to five remotely.

1.      To start a positive mindset, one must close any opened doors of the past. This is an important step. You cannot be looking forward to sunshine when there is gloom in your mind. Perhaps you want to sit down, reflect and help yourself realize that you should take the lead in eliminating negativity from your life if you want some change in your perspective and outlook. The law of attraction is true to its words. What you think, you attract, so if you only focus on the bad things, the good will never surface and never be seen by your naked eye.

2.      It also pays to have clean surroundings for light, fresh air, and energy. A clean and organized workspace will brighten up your mood instantly. According to a study conducted by Carter (2019), an untidy room can negatively impact your mind and may have an effect on your productivity and mood. It also has been proven to both correlate to and cause depression in people. In addition, a cluttered space will overstimulate your senses and therefore distract you while working or prohibit you from relaxation. While you are at it, enjoy what you are doing. Find the fun in cleaning and always look forward to a tidier and healthier place each time.

3.      Eat right so that you can think right and feel right. Do not skip breakfast. Having your morning meal regularly can lead to an improved mood. Aside from giving you energy for the first half of the day, it can also strengthen your cognitive abilities and induce feelings of calmness while working quietly and remotely. If you have the time, aim to exercise at least half an hour on most days of the week. Exercise also affects your mood and reduces stress.

4.      Think of how things have positively changed over the years. This is part of what they call appreciative inquiry - an approach to change that emphasizes strengths rather than weaknesses, a total contrast since many would always work on deficits and problems at the onset. Appreciative inquiry highlights the good to boost morale and appraisal so that you can have enough strength to face any challenge. By thinking of what changed through the years, you will be able to determine how life would always be easier now than before and how there are many things we really need to be grateful for: the business automation through advancement in technology that transforms your work from accounting to tracking, the availability of opportunities, and acceptance of various cultures. There are a plethora of things that you should smile about.

5.      Learn how to detach yourself from work and utilize async communication. Learn to respect yourself, your boundaries, and your time. You are not supposed to be working overtime when you could have done your remote work only within the time you are paid. Moreover, set boundaries that will allow you to gauge whether you are working too much or barely enough. It is okay to pause or stop when you have had a long day. To maintain a positive and well-rounded attitude, use a tool when communicating like a work chat app so that you can read your reply multiple times before you send it so that you can be spared from triggering a negative response or face from whoever you are speaking to.

All in all, do not say anything to others that you would not say to yourself, and vice-versa. Be extra careful with the words you use to communicate with everyone in your surroundings including yourself. Learn how to think rationally and respond only with positive affirmations. Peter Pan said “If you want to fly, think of the happiest things. It is the same as having wings.

About the Author:

Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle, and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.

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