Best Sales Automation Tools To Use

Automation is the future. The advent of social selling has changed the way sales and marketing operations were conducted. Nowadays, automating business processes is the perfect way to overcome challenges. And this can be achieved with the help of tools and custom made softwares

Plenty of sales automation tools are available in the market as an integrated part of bespoke software solutions but finding the right ones for your business is a very tough task. So here, in this blog, I have compiled a list of top sales automation tools that you can use to boost your business.

7 Automation Tools for your Sales Teams

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the new Marketplace for social selling. It is a free-to-use website from where you can find a significant amount of prospecting leads but you need to make sure that you do everything in the right way. That is the reason why you need the Sales Navigator. And as it is already integrated with LinkedIn, you can have better access to improve your Social Selling Index or the SSI score. 

The SSI score in LinkedIn indicates the performance of your profile on the platform and how you can improve it. The Sales Navigator will provide suggestions for improvements and it will also work with SSI to help you implement them. This automation tool also comes with advanced LinkedIn search options, InMail messaging, lead recommendations, notifications for sales updates, integrated CRM, and many more.

You can also take a free demo of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to see how their features work and whether they will be able to fulfill your requirements or not. The paid plan to use this sales tool starts with the price of $69.44 per month. 

2. HubSpot Sales

With increasing customers, customer relationship management becomes harder. You might also be confused about how your sales team would be able to communicate with so many leads. Moreover, you want your team to get ahead of things. Hubspot sales are just the right tool to help you with it. This sales automation tool can organize as well as simplify your CRM. All you need to do is pair the CPQ (configure, price and quote) capabilities with it and you will be closing deals more than ever. Along with it, you will have access to Hubspot App Marketplace’s almost 940 integrated tools including all their sales engagement tools, analytics, CRMs, reporting, and more. The subscription fee of this software ranges around 3200 US Dollars per month. 

3. Growbots

Fill your inbox with quality prospects using an outbound sales platform like Growbots which is designed to increase the efficiency of your sales team. This sales tool generates the lead and personalizes your cold emails through automation and even sends them to the prospects on your behalf. Growbots maintains a database filled with contact information about 200 million high prospecting leads. And the AI technology of Growbot will only help you target these leads to expand your business. Growbot will make decisions for you using their industry knowledge and resources which will free your sales team to close the deals and build a meaningful relationship with the new customer base. The subscription plans of this software start at $49/month.

4. ScaleX

Artificial intelligence is the vanguard to enhance sales techniques. ScaleX is a prospecting automation tool that will fill your sales pipeline by efficiently integrating it with AI technology. This will personalize your social selling so that you can connect with your prospects naturally. This tool will automate your 75% of sales work which will leave your team to respond to more leads and eventually make more sales. ScaleX leverages Twitter and LinkedIn to find ideal prospects for you and engage with them effectively. The average of this sales tool in generating leads is 97% higher in comparison to any average salesperson. The price for using this tool is $500 per month. 

5. ZoomInfo

Generating leads is very hard and getting contact information of some high prospecting leads is even harder but Zoominfo has got you covered. It maintains a very extensive and comprehensive database of contact information that is hard to get your hands on. It is a cloud-hosted service so you can pull out B2B contact information at any time and from anywhere you want. You can focus on closing more deals as this sales automation tool saves your time from searching for ways to connect with your leads. The work efficiency of your sales team will improve. 

Their AI technology will analyze your prospecting conversation to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. This will provide you with some valuable insights that you can leverage to scale up your business. You can also integrate Zoominfo with other sales apps enabling you to automate your existing sales strategies.

6. Outreach

If you are looking for an automation tool that can provide insightful engagement with your prospects then you should pick Outreach. Its AI will continuously train and guide your sales representative through every prospective lead to maximize your sales efficiency. If your team will use the right sales methods then their working efficiency will also increase. Using Outreach, you can deliver your message to the right audience on the right channels. Its AI system will help you create meaningful leads every time. Outreach also provides you a dashboard with detailed analysis of your team and your sales operations towards your sales goals.

7. Sales Booster

If you want such a sales automation tool that would double your pipeline in just the half of work you are currently doing then Sales Booster by Leadspicker is the best option available for you. With an award-winning AI technology, Sales Booster provides the best lead generation and cold emailing automation there is. They have not only weaved some unique triggers and hooks for each of their clients but also worked very hard to perfect the LinkedIn messaging and Email personalization techniques. 

Their strategies can provide a good reputation to your email address which will keep your emails out of the spam folders permanently. Using Sales Booster will feel like you are outsourcing your sales operations which are slowing your staff down. This sales outsourcing will do 75% of the tasks on which your team’s time is wasted so that they can go and perform more important tasks. By using Sales Booster, you can understand and locate your target market or ideal customers and optimize the strategies for the same. The price of their plan starts from €1,500. 

Will a sales automation tool take away the jobs of sales reps? 

Using sales automation tools means much more than just lead generation, higher conversion ratio from prospects to loyal customers. Your sales representative no longer has to be glued to their phones and computers making cold calls and sending cold emails. Instead, you can use automated processes for the same tasks. This will leave you and your sales team with more time to focus on growing your business and strengthening customer relationships.